Growing up.

The best feeling of my childhood was waking up on the first day of the summer vacation and jumping out of bed  to see that my cousins had already arrived and were having a noisy breakfast. We were little gangsters, actually, we were much more than that.

When we were seven, we spent our afternoons with other close friends like Noddy, Oswald, Pingu, Dexter , the powerpuff girls, Heidi, Scooby and many other cool characters. Our Mothers would be on their Saree shopping spree and we would sit by the coco-cola machine and talk about which super power would suit whom.

Then came the magical Pre-Teen age. We tried our first make-up together, talked late in the night and french braided our hair,  taking a peek in the mirror every five seconds.We had lots of secrets and we started discussing our future. The world seemed like such a magical place.

Following this was the dramatic end-of-school-life phase. We started understanding each other better and we gave each other a lot of strength and support. It was a tough time for all of us. But it seemed like we were in totally different dimensions. Our academic expectations and the professional aspirations took us into different paths. We had to deal with the fact that summer vacations were not going to be the same agaim.

Today, we’re almost adults. We have been through really tragic and depressing times but we held on to each other and offered a great deal of strength  and support, making the pain easier to bear.  We talk about Dream Jobs rather than Dream Colleges. We talk about Real life talents rather than Super Powers. We talk about marriages rather than Relation ships.

Nineteen Years.

A Bunch of Kids.

One Childhood.



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