The touch of Faith

I’m spiritually materialistic. Go ahead and criticize me for it, but there is one thing you cannot change. My faith. I was raised in a really strong spiritual ambience. I was born on the day next to Christmas, went to a Catholic run preschool and attended a very orthodox Vaishnavite High school. Mughal History fascinates me as well. Thanks to my parents and an exposure to great books, I’ve been able to experience some of the best of world religion, from Buddhist to Jewish.

Among some people, being spiritual is considered as a sign of weakness. I can’t help smirking at this, because nothing could get even more ironic.  Faith is not about idolising god, or being dependent on someone. If so, you’re doing it wrong.

It’ s a way of Life.  Its all about BELIEVING and acknowledging the fact that something much greater than all of us rules this universe. It’s about accepting that fact and letting go our individual egotism. It’s simply about humility. Nothing more, and nothing less.

Sometimes, I need to know that I am not alone, that I’m taken care of. I need someone to look up to when in confusion, hold onto during hard times, and cherish during happy times.

I know, that I am a part of the very thing that I look up to.

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