So it’s that time of the year again I guess. Parents and students all over the country have never been so hype. It happens every year. It’s like a three month Carnival. From the Beginning of the board exams, enrolling for all the entrance examinations and then signing up for classes that help you crack these entrance exams to the much expected the results, it’s a very action-packed part of every student’s life. I remember how it all happened to me. It has been two long years since, but I remember it. I remember it all.

I was that kind of girl who never accepted anything that gave me pressure. I had a cool style of carrying things out. I never freak out on the day before exam. I would listen to classes really well, interact with the teachers and even make extra references. But I never crammed over my homework or stressed in order to get a “Triple Centum”. I had a very calm and composed approach to my books. That very attitude which gave me strength was later to become my weakness. I could score 80 percent in most of the tests with very slight ease. But then I never put in extra efforts to make that a 95. Because studying hard for exams was too mainstream, I thought. And I thought wrong.

My teachers knew that I really had the stuff to improve my marks and get to the 95 percentile section. I was simply satisfied with the marks I scored.  But I was never pressurized neither by my parents nor my teachers. They probably thought that I was interested in Arts rather than the Professional courses.

My parents and teachers only identified and appreciated the creative front of my intellect. It never occurred to them that I had professional dreams too. It was only after I made the decision to take up a professional education that I really opened my eyes and saw what was going around. I saw how students spent all of their time cramming over the books. I saw how they sacrificed entertainment and holidays just so that they can study more. From early morning tuition classes, to 8 hours at school, and then a 3 hour test in the tuition classes again in the evening to the entire revision test in the schools from the month of January, they revised and re- revised the materials again and again.  It seemed like two years of hard penance so that you can get that one seat in that dream University. People revised and Re- revised the materials again and again.

It was only then that I realized how wrong I was. I thought working hard was not COOL.  Little did I know that average marks are not cool either. It takes a lot of strength to commit to a goal. Being smart and hard working is something to be proud of. My results were out. I got 82 percent in my boards, but that was just not enough to get into the Elite institutions of my dreams. But there was no way I was going to let go of my dream to become a Space Engineer. I got into a second tier college through TN counselling and I’m now in my second year.

My parents thought that I was opting for an engineering course due to peer pressure. My teachers talked me into how well I could “Shine” if I pursued the Arts. They never knew that I had wanted to get a technical education right from when I was in third grade. I was stubborn. I told my dad as to how I wanted to become a Scientist Engineer and I convinced my mom that I was NOT doing it due to peer pressure. Why do people in our country think that Creative people can never get into Professional Careers? Why can’t I be Creative and technically smart at the same time?  Passion and Profession need not always be the same thing.

So, to all those kids out there, who think that being a Nerd is a shame and to those who think that you can’t have a professional career just because you are an average student, Listen to me. School is where you have to make the decision of what you want out of life and who you want to grow up to be. So if you want a professional career, but you are under the dilemma that you will be criticized for not thinking wide and if you are told to pursue something that “suits your creative mind”, stand up to such non sense. Professional education is not just for the toppers and the Arts is not just for the average student. Unless you have an instinctual connect with a course you take up in college, you can NEVER make a successful career out of it.

And Here’s another Myth Buster. Not all the high school toppers have a successful academic profile in college. It is usually the average students, who like to discover new and exciting stuff about the subject having a really energetic and Non Orthodox Study habits that make the best out of a professional Education.

Dreaming Big is easy. Living up to it is the real Challenge.



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