Accio Happiness.

Hey there reader!

This is a post that’s written completely based on all my personal experiences. I’m not claiming to be a philosopher or spiritualist but I’m a single girl in her early twenties trying to sort herself out, which (I hope) makes me eligible enough to preach this important piece of wisdom to you.

Maybe I’m revealing too much here, but I know it’s worth it if it’s going to help you, a random person who has been kind enough to stop by to read my blog, feel better.

I’m turning 21 in 77 days and I thought it’s high time I decide to get rid of all the negativity that I have been surrounding myself with. Taking ownership is the first step to happiness. And trust me; doing that is a lot easier than it sounds. It’s an easy breezy process with three important steps:

1) Surround yourself with positivity (Obvious, I know):

You know that boyfriend/girlfriend who cheated on you 12 times? That neighbor who keeps telling you how her daughter is exceptionally good at everything and makes you feel like nothing? That one uncle who always emphasizes on pointing out at all your flaws (as if you don’t already know/seem them) and makes you looks like a total downer? That group of friends who constantly gossip about irrelevant stuff and rude things about harmless people? That one insanely schizophrenic “best friend” who keeps radiating hatred and negative energy in unbelievable amounts?

Well, Dismiss ALL of them, right now.

Seriously, mate.

Do it.


Next time you encounter a negative energy vampire and they are talking to you, block them out by thinking (or dreaming) of how perfect Tom Cruise is in Knight and Day or about Eugene Fitzerberth’s smolder. (Trust me, it WORKS!)

2)Try to radiate Positive vibes:

Here’s a short cut to this process. Stop saying or thinking of sentences that begin with “I hate…” or anything that’s synonymous to that word. Make that promise to yourself today, and I guarantee you that it will make all the difference in the world. It did, for me.  Feeling pissed off and having a bad day? Like the entire universe is plotting against you?  Let me break it down for you.

The universe does not give a damn about you, dude!

I mean, seriously, Mother Nature, Lord Indra, Zeus, Gandalf and Dumbledore have other important issues to take care of.  Their life DOES NOT revolve around plotting against you. NO. They simply have no time for that, okay?

If you’re having a bad messed up day, it’s because you’re a messed up person. Period. Take ownership for your mishaps, and please spare those poor souls mentioned above.

3) Have Purpose:

Don’t just get by in life. Life is a blessing and you better treat it that way. Have dreams and purposes to move forward to. Don’t be just mediocre and let the days just pass on.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a career oriented purpose. I can be any simple purpose to live up to. You know how Rapunzel makes sure she sees the lanterns on her seventeenth birthday and doesn’t compromise on it even for one second? That’s what I’m talking about.

Go, live your dream.

These are the three tricks I used to shun negativity off my life. It was during this self evaluation process that I realized that as a result of my negativity, I had stopped updating this poor blog and had orphaned it. I’m making a timely commitment to update my blog.

Every Sunday, I pinky swear to make a new post.

Love and hugs,



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