Gonna Make You Smile, Baby.


How is it going boys and girls? In this post I’m going to do something that I like doing the most.

And that is making you smile.

I pinkie promise to make you smile, by listing a few reasons as to why you should be smiling now. And no, I’m not going to be listing stuff like  ‘Take a moonlight walk in the beach’ or ‘go on a vacation to paris’ or ‘Be good, think good’.


If you know me well, you may have noticed that I’m a girl who likes to keep it real. Hence, I’m going to be listing stuff that you can find instantly and I promise to make you smile Right Now, at Zero expense!

Are you ready for this? Your smile is just a thought away.

  1. It’s hawwwwttt around you:

Remember the time during your teen years you thought you weren’tcool enough because you weren’t hanging around the cool group? Or when you thought that you liked some one so much but they were way too cool for you?

Yeah, in short every damn thing you thought was cool is currently sitting in front of the computer stalking your Facebook page.


Because you are now the most sought-after person on Earth that went from high school nerd to Desirable Number One.

You might think you are a mess, but someone out there thinks you are a hot mess.



2.You are alive and stupid:

When I was ten months old, during the first day of the Hindu month of Karthiga, it turned out that my mom accidentally left a pack of camphor open for pooja. And being the curious little jerk I was back then, I swallowed ALL of them.

Yes, I did.

I almost died when that happened. And that wasn’t the only time I did something reckless that almost killed me.

But look at me now, I am alive and happy and I got my first ebook published on the first day of Karthiga this year. It’s the circle of life, my friend.

I’m sure you might have done something equally fatal like that and you are still here aren’t you? Most of us make mistakes every day. In fact, with the frequency of the stupid stuff all of us do every minute, human race would have been extinct just as soon as it began.

We are stupid and we are alive.

That’s a big reason to smile.

3.Grab a watch:

Now, go grab a watch. Even your cell phone will do. See what it does? It ticks time away. Now looking at that watch, think of all the bad things in life. ‘My life sucks’ or ‘Why is it always me?’ happen to be some standard examples. Do so for ten seconds. Now for the next ten seconds think of any of the following:

‘Honestly, I’m having a good day.’

‘There are so many things in life that I take for granted!’

‘The sky is blue, the grass is green. It’s a beautiful world!’

Now, did you see that either way, whether you are feeling miserable or glad, that the time ticks away?  The clock does not wait for you. So every moment you feel sad or angry or frustrated is a moment of happiness wasted.

  1. You are loved:

Now, think about that one special person you love. You know who i’m talking about, that one guy/girl you can never stop thinking about and the one you wish was yours? Or in some lucky cases, is already yours? C’mon! Think about them, your parents ain’t reading this or watching you. Just think of them. Think of their smile.

Oh, what’s that I see on your face now? Ah, yes. You sly little thing, you are smiling. Yup, I can see you simling! And here’s a fun fact to widen that smile.

Maybe that someone read this and thought of you just like you thought about them! How cool is that?Trust me, the probability of that happening is quite high!

You are cared about…someone out there has secret feelings for you….Whoa!

Human emotions. How fascinating.

  1. You are reading this:

Most of you are probably reading this right now in front of your computer, mobile or any other technical device. Do you know what this means? It means you are blessed. You are privileged.Smile.God chose to bless you with not only the basic needs of life but also the luxuries that many people out there don’t have.

Think about it. Look at your laptop, smart phone and Levis jeans.


And if all this weren’t reasons enough to make you smile, here’s a final one:

I like you. Yup,Bala likes you and she thinks you are awesome and cool. Even if Instagram wasn’t on real life, She’d double tap you to prove that she likes you.

And While you’re still here, why don’t you check out my first ebook at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PP8PC9G

And give me your reviews on it? Make me smile, maybe?

With uncontained glee,


P.S: Did you know that smiles are contagious? If you know someone who is having a hard time, someone you care about or basically anyone you think needs a smile right now, share this on their Facebook wall and make them smile!


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