Imo, Love stories.

Before I begin, I have a confession to make.

One of my weirdest passions is human emotions. I am really intrigued by the way people make each other feel. It fascinates me. And that is not even the weirdest part. This is:  I don’t feel the feels. I try to logically analyse it and critically examine if they would make a good book plot.

No, I mean it’s a serious problem for me. All you people with a Psychology degree out there, please tell me, is this normal?

Every time my bestie talks to me about her “messed up” life, I sit down and take notes before offering her some advice. And I am guilty of having made one of my best friend’s relationship issue a field of research more than once. (Mate, if you are reading this, let me say that this is my way of apologizing to you and that my next historical fantasy is built solidly upon all those convos we had, so please don’t sue me :p)

Of all the fascinating dimensions of human emotions, the one that still bewilders me is the way people fall in love.

Or more precisely, the way these emotions are portrayed in books and movies.

Though I have never been in love myself, I would like to mention that I have written a couple of love stories and I have been around my ‘hopeless in love’ smitten friends.

Believe me, every time I start looking for a plot, I try my best to keep myself away from love stories, I really do, but then read Danielle Steel or listen to a few songs, accidentally watch a disney movie or observe the people around me.

And this is where all the criticisms seem to begin. More than once I have been offensively solicited with the question mentioned below:

‘But, Bala how can you write a love story when you have never been in love yourself?’

(Please note that the tone of that question is usually far away from polite and is always straight forwardly rude. God knows how many times I have dealt with that issue from my girls, because he created the number infinity after counting the number of times I have been annoyed by them with that question.)

To you, anonymous sceptic, I have two questions:

  1. What gives makes you think that it is mandatory for a writer to have had first hand experience in the plot that he/she is working on?

Seriously, it worries me because I plan on writing a terrorism based plot soon and I don’t even want to think about the questions you would stab me with after I publish it. (No, I swear, I have nothing to do with the Illuminati! And if I die mysteriously tomorrow,the Illuminati has nothing to do with my sudden death either. I probably tried to cook something and later ate it myself, that’s all.)

Keep it simple, please! Love is an universal emotion, dear. I don’t understand why you think people can own certain emotions just because it’s you feeling it. That is so selfish of you! SHARE your emotions. Why can’t you play nicely, huh?

  1. How do you expect a girl who worships A.R.Rahman to listen to his melodies and not get inspired right after?

Well,  my first love story, Strangers and Stalkers? That  was the soundtrack ‘Narumugaiye’ from Iruvar.  Amortentia was the entire album of Bombay and The Girl Who lived was Dil Se Re. There! You have my trade secrets now. Happy?

On a personal note, I have never believed in love stories and I never will. I strongly feel that there are lotsof other things in this world that need to be written about. But I occasionally write them only because I like experimenting with the limits of my creative abilities. I am good at imagining things and putting them into words, which is probably why I’m a writer.

In my opinion love stories are completely over-rated. However, the emotions that come along with it are not.


Hope I have made my point,




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