Formula to Adulthood

I am a young adult and what do I do with my life?

Well there are many versions of this question and all of us face it every single day.

To answer it, I have to begin by disagreeing with the question.

The whole idea of ‘how to deal with adult life’ seems to be emphasized by the fact that Adulthood is some kind of a colossal monster that demands you to acquire your job, spouse, child and then live at its mercy until time runs out.

We assume this because that’s just how every single happily ever after movie we’ve seen ends. I’s all about finding your one true love and occasionally marrying them or at the very latest, having a child with them.  We are subconsciously convinced that our story ends with that, but what lies ahead of us is the blank yet frightening chaos of adult hood. That frenzied monotonic pattern that befalls you where the only excitement turns out to be finding a truly fresh blend of coffee at the grocery store (If you have ever been grocery shopping you know what it feels like to walk past the Coffee Day section, and I admit, it truly excites me.)

But it’s not the only excitement. It can’t be the only thing that gets you thrilled!

One of the reasons we are all so terrified of growing up is probably because we think we can do only one thing with our life. And in my Potteristic-happy-go-lucky opinion, that’s quite an absurd thing to live with.

It’s like asking people to choose just one book to read for the rest of their lives and just one song that they will listen to forever!  And once you tell them so, no wonder they will stress over choosing that one book or that one song, because their entire life depends on it now.

You get the problem here now, don’t you?

You are stressed, depressed and on the verge of giving it all up because you believe that you can only do one thing with your life. And it is that choice that has messed you up, isn’t it?

Let me tell you a little secret. That’s not what life is really like.  You will always be figuring out what to do with your life no matter how old you get and your decisions will be made sometimes by circumstances and sometimes out of will.

You can be more than one thing. Don’t limit your potential. Because every time you make a choice, your options narrow. The most frightening thing about these possibilities is that they will continue to narrow until you are dead.

If you are an Aerospace engineer, you probably cannot do stuff in Archeology. If you are a marine biologist, you cannot become an astronaut. And here’s another random thought. Even if you don’t make choices, the options will still continue to narrow!

But that doesn’t mean you cannot be an Aerospace engineer who volunteers at archeological sites or a nuclear chemist who turned out to be a famous pop star. My point is, don’t let your academic qualification define who you are.

You can be a doctor with a bestselling novel or an Engineer who turned out to be a professional dancer or a Programmer who is also a Travel photographer. It is possible. People out there are already doing it. You are by default set to do more than one thing. And it is not fair playing favourites with your passions now, is it?

Just like childhood, you can experiment with your dreams, trespass that border between idealism and practicality and you will end up just fine.

Trust me, I should know, because I’m a twenty year old published author who is also an Electronics student, aspiring to become an industrialist with a certified Baratanatyam diploma.

My philosophy in life is simple : Study broadly and without fear.

Growing up is like getting into a boxing ring with a ten foot tall monstrous opponent called LIFE and he will make sure that he does everything he can do to KNOCK YOU OUT. He did knock me out a few months ago and every part of me wanted to stay down and quit the fight. That one terrible period of my life could have gone either way. And I cannot tell you how thankful I have been every single day since that I chose to get back up, for a round two, ready to fight.

The fight is still persisting inside of me, right now as you are reading this, I am still fighting, trying not to give up, trying to survive and I am discovering my strengths with each passing second of that fight. And if you are in that fight too, I can tell you my secret ingredients that give me strength:

Be brave and fearless. Be witty. Use your brain to tune your heart into the frequency of your dreams.

Congratulations! You now have the formula to adulthood!


Get it? Got it? Good,





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