A Letter to 14 Year Old Me

To my fourteen year old self,

Do you want the good news or the bad?

Well, the good news is that we’re happy; the bad news is that we are still trying hard to make life meaningful.

Right about now, I think you should be leaving the Sweet Valley twins obsession because I know for sure that you don’t have a twin and that you weren’t separated at birth.

And I’m convinced that although you are about to witness a chain of mistakes, wrong choices, depression and  failed attempts of becoming a teen author, those tears and struggles were all that went towards creating me. I wouldn’t change a single moment of your happiness or misery.

However, I think there are something you need to know, just to make your journey a little less bumpy.

First of all, don’t compare yourself to every  girl you meet. They’re height, their shiny hair, their light colored eyes and their better make up, because I bet that every other girl you met has compared themselves to you. Your clear skin, golden complexion, your short slim stature, your dark brown eyes, and your jet black thick frizzy hair, and your photogenic face.

You are not them, and they are not you. And that’s bloody awesome.

Start caring for yourself, because if you can be the best of who you can be, that will suffice.

Second, for the love of God, please be patient and work on getting some rational fears. You are just daringly reckless in a way that you jump into the deepest end of the pool, knowing that you can’t swim. You are just too confident in your ability to ‘figure it all out.’  Unfortunately there are things in life that cannot be figured out while you are in them.

Hold still, calculate the consequences and tone down on your over confidence. If you fall in love with the superlative effects that could happen, not giving a thought about the worst, and the when the worst comes, your bubbles burst.  Figure out your weaknesses just as much as you figure out your strengths. Get your weaknesses covered and then be daring. Courage without wit is like kite without air. So, gain some control over that urge to race ahead. Don’t be the hare. Be the tortoise.

And finally, please understand that you are just as strong and indestructible as your faith in your dreams. No matter what happens or what people tell you, don’t quit on your dreams. Keep writing. It saved us and gave us an identity in this world. If you quit, you will never see where we end up. And from this side, I have to say, it’s pretty good, so don’t you dare give up! Trust me no matter how bad life gets, with the wink of an eye the light will come up and you will be so thankful that you held on that one little moment longer.

But please do grow out of writing fan fictions, because there are already too many ships in the ocean (Pun intended). Explore your creativity. Write about things that define you, that has had a n impact on you, that scare you to death, made you laugh or made you cry. Make it personal. Write about you and write for yourself. Be original.

Well, aside from all that, I don’t think I’d change another thing in you.

Yes, I know there will be times when you will feel like all is lost and that there is no way out of all those negative feelings, but trust me, we made it.

The bridges have been crossed.


I hope that I can make you proud.

Love from,

Me, at twenty.

P.S: Dobby dies. So does Dumbledore. And Fred. And Hedwig. Please get ready for the array of shocks.

P.P.S: Prince charming isn’t here yet.


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