21 Things I Learnt Before turning 21

Today’s post is going to be somewhat different.

It’s not going to be funny and it’s not going to be heart wrenchingly real. It’s in way very important for me to write this, so I hope you guys enjoy it just as much you enjoy my other stuff. And New Year’s just around the cornor! You can check with this post to see if you learnt anything this year, that has changed you significantly.

Today, as you can guess from the very obvious title, I’m going to go through the 21 things I learnt before turning 21.

1.Don’t Overthink. This is pretty much self explanatory. I really mean it when I say I over think almost every single thing that’s going on in my life, and thinking LESS might actually reduce 99.99% of all my problems. IT’S OKAY.

  1. Mistakes are inevitable. Chill with the experimentation phase of every project. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? I could accidentally become a superhero or a supervillian and I’m cool with both.
  2. Start with the self. Doing things for yourself and putting yourself first, does not really mean you are selfish. In fact, it’s absolutely necessary and totally worth it. You have to do it, if you want to be happy.
  3. Patience will always be rewarded. I learnt that good things always take time.

5.Eat. Well. Now I’m not going to stress much on this point, but I think it would make my close friends and my entire family happy when I say ‘I learnt this year that the mind and the body are not two different things and I promise to eat well and never mess with my food from next year on.’

Yeah, mom, happy? :p

6.Not everyone is well turned-out. Yes, it is quite disheartening that there is an unbelievable amount of dim-witted, crappy and demotivating negative people on this planet. But that doesn’t matter! Because this year, I just learnt that there are ten times the number of people that are frigging awesome!

I learn to use my energy and time only with those that understand me and make me feel good. It’ very simple actually. It’s called priorities. I choose to be around people that I love and the people that love me.

The others, I just choose to ignore.

  1. The HP fandom will be back soon. J.K.R just published a series of short stories that shook the world at how she still manages to have an impact on the Potter heads.

Need I say more?

  1. This year I learnt that if my cousins do something that impresses me today, they are going to do something tomorrow that will impress me all over again and take me to a totally different level of awesome. They are the reason my brother was taken care of when my mom had to pay full attention to me. They are the reason I learnt to take care of myself. They are the reason that so many people heard of Heartstrings and I still get mails about my book. They are the reason that I still write and that I am still happy.

I know I keep telling this, but my cousins are the greatest blessing I have. Afterall, every author needs a publicist, animation expert, a social PR, a critic and a motivator. I have them all.

  1. Commitments are serious. This is a decision I made specific to the age of 20. If you make a decision, you have to stick with it! I wanted to be a writer AND an ECE student. I made that choice. I told my parents that I can deal with this double life and that I wanted to have the best of both worlds.

I made that choice.

So, I know full well about the immense responsibility that comes with that decision. I have to spend a lot of time working. I cannot go out with friends or watch movies as frequently as I used to. When I’m studying, I gotta be studying and when I’m not studying, I gotta be writing.

I knew that it would be hard, I knew it wouldn’t be a typical path and that it would be pretty unconventional. I learnt that I will have to stick on to that decision, no matter how tough it gets with time.

  1. Girl time is the best stress buster.

I have always believed that books and music were the best stress buster until last year. I learnt that a long trip with my girlfriends, beats all stress and gets me relaxed. And if it’s a place like Kerela or Coorg, it is definitely the best.

Nothing beats girl talk and sleep overs, you see. I love being around my girls. It makes me relax and take a break from my steely stiff self.

  1. I learnt that not everyone around you is going to be supportive of what you do and they will continue to be jealous or say some highly demotivating things. I learnt that it is highly unrealistic to expect that from everyone. I mean there will be people who feel really uuncomfortable when you follow your dreams and God forbid, you become successful with it.

Demotivators are everywhere.

  1. Colours. Only last year I learnt that there are only three colour that go pretty well with my skin tone. They are Deep blue, Red, Deep Pink and Green. Of course Black too, since it’s a universal color.

This is a very important discovery for me, personally. My wardrobe will be better now that I have leant this.

13.We all have a part of Elsa within us. I know that I do. I always try to conceal and not feel .This year, I learnt that letting go of things doesn’t mean you are weak. No, it implies that you are strong enough to move on. And smart enough to think of another way to make it. Holding on to certain things and memories might only make you all negative, so why would anyone want that?

It takes a lot of courage and guts to be happy.

  1. Having fears is a symptom of fearlessness. Yes, I learnt that no matter how hard I try, I will not be able to get over certain fears that I have and that does not make me any less of a Gryffindor. I learnt to live inspire of those fears and I also learnt that being noble is much more important that being courageous.
  2. Solitude is my creative fuel. Alone time is so important. It is THE MOST important, especially if I want to become a successful novelist.

16.Clicky pens are good.

Yeah, I just discovered this a few weeks ago. They make that really annoying clicky noise that helps keep people away while I’m writing, and also, I believe that if I suddenly had to sign a million dollar book deal, the pen will come handy!

  1. Nobody’s perfect. And that’s awesome!

If you know anything about me, I am a perfectionist and I am dangerously ambitious. I don’t make compromises and I want things when I want them.

This year, however, taught me that there is no mandate for the world to run according to MY rule book. I’m not saying that I’ve completely come to terms with the world not being my ideal model of how it should be ,but trust me, I’m working on it.

  1. Drama is preventable. Yeah, Did you know that unnecessary drama can be avoided if you are just three things?

Real, honest and kind.

Some people need to make a note of this.

  1. Believe in Birthdays.

All along my life I have never believed in birthdays. I was just way to sceptic about the whole ‘cake cutting’ ceremonies and the way kids are convinced that the day is totally yours. It just seemed so shallow and unrealistic to me. It was all just annoying and very superficial. (Yes, when I was little and it was my birthdays, I was a very tough child to please). I thought it was just way too materialistic and did not mean anything ‘significant’.

I now know that each birthday is a blessing. And I learnt that celebrating yourself is a beautiful feeling and when you don’t agree with that philosophy, you’re just a cynic.

This yeah however, I am truly thankful that God thinks I can have another birthday. And that there is some real talk.

20.Don’t trust the doctors when they say it’s not going to hurt.

This one is very important, guys. I learnt this out of a three month experience. Don’t trust the med corps, when they say ‘Close your eyes dear, it’s not going to hurt’. They are lying. IT ALWAYS HURTS!!!

And those people are some really stubborn folks. When they want to inject that sharp pointy needle and draw blood out of your veins, they will find every possible way to do it. Nothing you can do to stop them. Screaming, kicking your legs, crying or even swearing at them under your breath will not help.

Just come to terms with it and accept this bitter truth. Those folks are scarily trained that way.

21. Reach for the stars.

Cliche. I know. But I mean this with all my heart and I don’t know how else to put it. I never thought in a billion years that my passion for writing would become so immense and a serious part of m y life over this one short year.

I learnt that if you love something and want to give your best shot at it, you will get it.

So, what’s in your list?

Still waiting for my Hogwarts letter,



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  1. Finally, my insane mind has figured out a way to comment on your blog :D….yeah, I know the button is on the right hand corner…ah well you know me lol….alright enough of me.

    You, young lady, are a unique pro at making someone think deeply. Whenever I see a new post on your blog, I’m like “Yay!’…I love reading your posts, babe. They’re hilarious at some parts while some parts are capable of making even the most ignorant of people to turn a hair. *claps with a beam*..keep up the good work, honey. Soon enough you are going to emerge as a best-selling author. I know. Vijay Bhav!!!

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