2015, Please be Kinder.


So, it’s that time of the year again.

You know what I’m talking about. The time when everyone grabs a piece of paper and pen and starts making a list of lies. First day of the year, our brain gets highly delusional and makes us believe we are much more than what we actually are. I do too. Here are a few examples of the lies that I tell myself every year.

‘This year, I’m gonna study harder.’ By March? Bad grades and the epic ‘You know marks don’t matter. The education system sucks.’ argument.

‘I will work on getting abs this year’ By the third week of January? ‘My relationship with food is just too serious to start working out. I’ll make up for it next year.’

‘This year, I promise I will make the best of my time’ And ten minutes later? *Refreshing news feed and stalking your crush on facebook*

‘This year I promise I’ll be a little more careful with my gadgets and that I will not drop my phone or loose it ’

Next day? This happens: ‘Daaddyyyyy….I broke my screen again! I am sooo sorry! Please get me another phone! I lawwwwwwvvvvv you!!’

So, I get it!! It’s OKAY. We’re Humans. It happens!

Despite having said all that, I continuously participate in this universal tradition. Year after year after year after year. And 2015 is no exception. So I thought I’ll share with you a few of my 2015 new year resolutions.

So, if you ever see me breaking them, you can pull me aside and smack me straight across the face. Which is like the idea of why I made this post in the first place !

  1. Get chubby
  2. Finish at least two books and blog at least thrice a week.
  3. Be nice to people
  4. Umm…no, there is no number four.  You can’t expect me to change that much! Let’s keep it real. It’s enough if I manage to stick to those three until the end of this year.

I don’t have a nicer way to put this, but 2014 was not really a good year for me. It wasn’t a complete disaster either.  I got my fist ebook published and I realized that writing could be a way to find my purpose. So to those of you who have been close to me this year, you know that this year has been such a roller coaster for me,and I want to thank you with all my heart for still managing to love me. Gosh, you guys really have such patience!

I’m a big believer in Dust-Off-Your-Knees-And-Keep-Fighting. So this year, I did the best I could. Literally, from January to right now, I can see that I have changed a lot. And by a lot, I mean a zillion billion infinity times a lot! Unlike earlier, I now have a lot of philosophical crap to say. On account of a God-Knows-For-What reason, many people seem to like the crap I say.  I’m so confused and grateful and thankful……or so I guess?

I don’t know how this year just flew by, and if you are just as sane as I am, I bet you’re sitting there, confused and probably thinking ‘What the heck?! When did it get December already?!’

I know, right. We are about to have gone around the sun Yet again.

Wow. See ya tomorrow.



P.S: Feel free to stalk me everywhere:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BalakarthigaBk

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/balakarthiga.m


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