5 Knock Out Responses to Facebook Cynics.

I love Facebook.

For me, Facebook is all about sharing. By sharing, I mean good vibes,friendship, and opinions.

And almost 90% of the times, it’s opinions. For example, I post statuses when I don’t have time to make a blog post. It’s quick, easy and I’d like to think of my Facebook timeline as my micro blogging site.

So far, with my experience, I’ve discovered that there a few types of people I find in the depths of the Internet. Well, since they are all people it’s only obvious that they are of two types.

Nice and Not-So-Nice.

I love and respect intellect. That’s just the way I use Facebook. Constructive criticisms on the current affairs, discussions about movies, books and music are what I like to do on Facebook.However, I see that people, and especially Indians are overly judgemental about Social Networks. There are many annoying people out there who’ll tell you Facebook is just as evil Satan residing at the ninth circle of Inferno. If you’re a social person, you have every right to defend yourself. And this post is going to show you how.

The Cynical affirmation : Girls should rather stay away from Facebook.

The Knock Out Response: Hi. Hello. How are you? Good ? Okay, that’s great. Now, if you will, just take a deep breath, close your eyes and breath out slowly. Try to imagine you are walking on the beach. And now, look at the full moon being reflected on the vast ocean. Think of what you long for in your life. Write that on the beach sand.You are calm. You are happy. You feel your entire body relaxing and your mind is calm like the gentle breeze that’s sweeping past you. Now, look at the ocean.What colour is the ocean?

Blue, you say?

No,  look again.

It’s red.

Yeah, I smacked you so hard that all your blood is now on the ocean.

You’re so filthy a sexist that you don’t need fancy de-stressing therapies. You deserve to be jinxed to death. Tell me Facebook is not for girls one more time, and I’ll Crucio you.

The Cynical affirmation : See, Unlike you people, I don’t post photos of myself or post status updates because I know my friends and family already love me. I don’t need likes to prove it like you do.

The Knock Out Response:  Can you read? I hope you can. You do know what a Social Network means, right? It means,to be Social. It’s about sharing your thoughts, opinions and fun filled memories. Unlike you, who uses it only for inbox chats.  And it was never about the likes. Please get a bottle of Maturity at the pharmacy and take a tablespoonful of it after meals. It ought to cure you of your ignorance.

The Cynical affirmation : Yes, I’m on Facebook.But I hardly ever use it. (And then smiles the  ‘Look-I’m-a-decent-person’ smile)

The Knock Out Response: People on Facebook and don’t use Facebook, why are you being a contradiction? Seriously,why? Why do you exist?Why are you here? If you are so anti social, why are you on a social network?The point is to connect with people. Do you go to a movie and read a book at the theatre? Or do you have an album at home and not have pictures in them? Do you get on stage to debate and decide not to talk?

If you don’t want to be on Facebook, meaning you didn’t like Facebook and hence didn’t sign up for it, that’s absolutely fine! You have your affirmative decision and I admire you for that.

But why would you sign up for a Social network and decide to make cynic comments about people who use it the way it’s supposed to be used?

I honestly don’t understand. Someone please explain this madness to me.

The Cynical affirmation : People who upload photos are not aware how dangerous it is. Facebook uploads are the reason for fake passports and other illegal stuff.You young people are ignorant of how the internet is full of criminals.

The Knock Out Response: Hey Mr. Silhouette. I can see that you don’t even have a profile picture.It’s just a plain silhouette. Is that how you look in real life? Wow, that’s interesting. Oxygen, like Facebook,is free.Maybe that’s why some people make a complete waste of it.

The Cynical affirmation : I would never allow my girl friend or Wife to be on Facebook.

The Knock Out Response: Daggers. Revolvers. M-60. Snipper Rifle. I think I’ve made my point.

Like it or not,



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