My Wishlist.

I have no idea why I’m writing this in the first place.

Nonetheless, I’m making this post. A list of stuff I intend to do before I turn 30. We all make promises to ourselves. Dreams that quickly turns into dust as we grow up and let other things distract us. I’m writing this, hoping that, if any of you meet me when I’m 30,and notice that I have missed out even one of the following, you can feel free to smack me right across my face. Yes, I give you all rights to ridicule me, should I fail to accomplish any of the following.

I’ll post regular updates on my blog if at all, by any miracle, any one of these dreams get realised.

So, here’s goes!

10. DELHI.


We all have that one dream city,don’t we? Delhi’s mine. I don’t know what it is about this ancient metro that pulls me towards it. The rich history, the friendly people, and all the relics along side the shiny city lights are a few factors I’m in love with Delhi.



I’ve been obsessing about this even before I began to form memories. Enough said,I guess.


nose stud

For some crazy God-Knows-What reason, my mom thinks I shouldn’t get a nose stud. But I’m so damn in love with the elegant style of a nose ring/stud, that I plan on convincing her and getting it done one day.



My soul would not rest in peace until I meet the music Mastero. I have many versions of this dream. The most unrealistic version of it being, inviting him over for a book launch and the realistic one being one amongst the crowd his live show. The pettiest version being able to get his hand kerchief as a souvenir .


kings cross

Platform nine three quarters. The place that defined my childhood. I wanna walk in there with a Gryffindor house scarf, and take millions of pictures.


Dream book

I have this plot that’s been in my head for quite a long time. It might take sometime before I even begin the ground work for it. Currently I’m working on another novel and I hope once I finish it, I can finish this book and if possible, make it as a series.



The beauty of purple highlights on black hair! I’m so in love with this style,I hope I get at least a temporary one done, before I turn 30.



The destinations include North East India, Europe and South Africa. With Mom, Dad, Sibi and my cousins.



I know authors these days have a virtual book tour, but I want to experience the rush of an old fashioned book tour, where I get to visit real cities and meet real people. The very thought of it fascinates me.


prince charming

I know you exist,Prince Charming. Out there. Some where.

I have waited too long for you now. Show yourself you invisible brat!

So that’s that.

My tiny dreams and my wish list. What’s on yours?

With love and all those good things,




  1. Hmm, interesting. Okay, you know I for one won’t ever smack you across the face even if you didn’t do anything on here :D:D. And when you’re about to fulfill number six, you can count me in too babe ;)…and for me, number seven isn’t AR but Vikram ji – Terrific Acting Mastero!! :D. He’s on a high pedestal of my heart right now, idolizing him a lot!

    Haha, okay onto the real review:

    This was a very entertaining read, Bala, loved it to the core. I mean, people even within several inches of us have their wildest dreams to fulfill but no one really organizes the wishes into a list and is sure of what they want. But you, my buddy, know what track you want to go on. I am sure you will fulfill every wish here. But as your true confederate, I should truthfully express this too: Sorry, but I’m siding with your Mum on number eight 😦

    But if it gives you happiness, then no worries 🙂 All the best, babe <3<3<3<3<3 You are going to develop into a cracking author as a well as a lovely lady. Krishna will definitely support you.

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