Valentine’s Day Is NOT CUTE. Here’s Why.

Valentine’s day is a delusion.

Trust me, it’s not that I find the idea of people falling in love offensive. (Um….well….to be honest, sometimes I do.)

But as a self sufficient Jane-Austen-And-John-Green-Style-Potterhead-Feminist, my idea  of true love is more about intellectual compatibility rather than roses and chocolates.

Before I begin, I have to tell you, if you’re single, you might feel confused after reading this. If you’re in a relationship, this post might just burst your bubble.

You may proceed only if you wish to take the risk.

Call me a cynic, but in my opinion, Valentines day is far from cute. I hardly understand the human species when they get lovey-dovey on one particular day of the year.

It doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a boy. I strongly believe that every individual should be self sufficient.

It upsets me when I see too many people depending on other people for happiness, appreciation, encouragement and validation. If you constantly need someone to feel good, then have you ever asked yourself why you didn’t try to make yourself feel good?

Trust me, I wish I had a nicer way to say this, but I don’t. So, I’m]just going to break it to you in a very painful way.

Boys, you don’t really need that girl to feel inspired and motivated in life.

And  Girls! You don’t need that guy to feel protected and loved.

The fact is, you are an awesome individual just the way you are and you don’t need validation from another person to feel beautiful or important or secure. If that’s what you have been thinking what a relationship is about all along, you’re wrong.

And this is not just about your romantic relationships. I think this would summarise your dignified stand in almost every day to day relationship. It would be entirely pointless if you are showered with roses and chocolates and you really don’t know who you are on the inside.

But you know what’s cute?

Being self sufficient and being content about who you are. A layer of confidence is the most attractive thing that you can wear, which will glam you up instantly.

I really hope none of you got offended reading this. This is purely just my opinion (Which probably means its a genius of a fact :p )

I rather think Valentine’s day is about celebrating the people around you. Remember that teacher you used to mock at class? Give her a break and tell her she’s the class’s most favourite. That movie your little sister has been begging of you to take her to? Smile and take her to the theatre, without creating a big scene about how busy you are. Surprise your bestie by doing their homework for them! Can you imagine an act that’s much more affectionate than having someone finish a ten page calculus derivation for you? If some one did that to me, I’d name my future kid after them, seriously!

And if there’s someone in your life you’ve been holding a grudge against for a long time, talk to them,and if possible, fix the situation. Just do any one of these.

Or do all of the above! Unless, of course, you have a dog. In which case, you should spend the entire day with your dog.

Long story short, spread love unconditionally and most importantly, celebrate yourself.

Pretending like I know Stuff,



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