Finding Yourself.


What people never say about growing up is that you get thrown around a lot.

They tell you to be yourself, but they don’t tell you where to look in order to find that incredible person you can be. Because in the essence of it all, you can be so many incredible things!

You can be someone who is desirable and loved the very moment they walk into a room. Some one who is strong and beautiful. Some one who is bubbling with confidence. Someone who is outspoken enough to get a point across the other person and yet open minded enough to understand the other person.

You can be someone who is desirable, adorable, ingenious, attractive,  imaginative, caring, cute, respectful, honourable and enchanting.

The funny thing is we all take different routes to be all those things.

Some people find themselves in the middle of a happy little journey and they find a set of amazing people in the middle of this journey who help strengthen their quest to find themselves. Like Anna found Olaf.

Some others, are not so lucky and they end up with a set of people they know are trouble, but they convince themselves that it’s all a part of  the ‘finding yourself’ experiment. They end up lost and thrown away. Like Anna found Hans.

The truth is, you don’t really have to go anywhere to find yourself.

The irony of this Quest is that there is No Quest.

Unless you want to make a good holiday, you don’t have to climb mountains,cross bridges and fight dragons to find out who you are.

You can find who you are in those moments of silence, in a room full of people, and your mind starts to wander around certain thoughts. Who you are can be best figured out when you are alone, and how you feel about being with yourself.

Who you are is how you react to lost luggages in an alien city and how you take it when people you counted on, let you down. Who you are is basically how you handle adversities and if you believe in them when they say you’re good for nothing.

It’s the  emotions that you go through when you loose something you held so close to heart.

Who you are is how you react when you face failure and death.

If you can handle it when you discover that you cannot be all that you liked to be, that best reveals who you are. Because all the things that we are not, are as much a part of us as all the things that we are.

So next time some one asks you to go ‘Find Yourself’, just stand where you are. That’s the right place to start looking for yourself.

You can be Good. You can be Bad.

You can be far from normal and you can be weird.

Popularity, power and pride would only count if you are strong and noble.

Because honey, at the end of it all, finding yourself is about getting somewhere and finding what was lost.

It’s about finding a purpose.

Love and hugs,



1 Comment

  1. Rightly said dear! 🙂
    We don’t need to depend on others to find who we are. As you said, we can find ourselves at any moment in our life. Trusting our intuition is more important than the words of others. 🙂

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