My Crushlist – A Realistic Version

It started with Mr.Darcy, but then Harry Potter came along. I was almost thirteen, when I made the transition from Jane-Austen to J.k.Rowling style understanding of romance. So muggles, beware. You will find that through out the entire post, I have turned my inner FanGirl on.

 Harry Potter


The thing I like the most about Harry, is that he is universally relatable.

He makes mistakes. But he also learns from them.

He runs into trouble, more often than not, but knows full well that Hermione Granger will be there to save him. That right there is what I love the most about him.

He doesn’t have even the slightest hint of egoistic male dominance and he appreciates the women around him. Be it Molly Weasely or Minerva McGonagall or Hermione or Ginny or Luna, he appreciates it when they try to help him.

Isn’t that what every girl wants? Harry, unlike other men, does not expect women to dumb themselves down for a guy and he has my respect for that.

His witty sarcasm even after being abused at childhood, was probably what made me fall for him. But as the years passed, he grew up with me and consumed almost ninety nine percent of my childhood and teen years. I realised just a couple of years after he first walked into my life, that he was more of a sibling to me, rather a crush.

So, he was my first ever crush to end up being a Rakhi brother. (Yeah, talk about Bro Zones :p)

Gred and Forge 


I had a crush on Fred and George Weasely, their pranks and their love for good natured humour, was the most attractive of all their traits. They are also considerate at the same time. They are protective of their sister and also have an understanding of human emotions. They knew that Harry must be feeling bad when he wasn’t allowed to go to Hogsmeade, and they present the Marauder’s Map to him.

Above everything else, they are bloody awesom!

The twins were so friggin awesome that they threw bewitched snowballs in Voldemort’s face.




My love for Oliver Wood stayed strong until the end of the series..

I mean, what’s more attractive that a tall handsome boy who plays Quidditch? QUIDDITCH!!  Need I really say more?



Sometimes, Even Draco impressed me, however as a Gryffindor, I quickly discarded the thought. I knew that a romantic relationship with the nemesis house would make things strange between us. At the end of the series, however, I was heart broken when I realised what I had missed. I knew he had a strong conscience and would commit.

But by then he was married and had a son named Scorpius. Tough luck.



For  short while during book four, there was this handsome Hufflepuff named Cedric Diggory that I was utterly obsessed with, but that feeling didn’t last long either. He was Killed during the Triwizard Tournament, at the Little Hangilton graveyard.

Also, the fact that he starred in the Twilight movies as a sparkly paedophile that stalked under age American girls was a complete No-No.


Can we talk about the older guys now?

Forget everything that I said earlier. They were just tiny adolescent crushes.

Post the Book 3 revelation about the Marauders , I found that I was keenly interested in them.



Of the Marauders, I love Sirius the most.

Oh, Sirius Black. How do I even use words to talk about you?

You spent twelve years in Azkaban for your Best friend.

And as if all that is not heart wrenching enough, two years after you break out of Prison, you were killed by your cousin, for trying to protect your best friend’s Son!!!

*Breaks down on the floor and cries*



James Potter, was a true hero, and the way he loved Lily, looking past their difference in blood status and the way he adored her for being the smart intellect young person she was, proves that he was a Gentleman. He loved her for who she was, and now, at twenty one, if someone asked me who was my best crush so far, I would say James. Because unlike other boys in the series, James changed. He changed and he became a matured person for the girl he loved. he made sacrifices. He was a high school quidditch playing prankster, who with the touch of love, became a responsible adult and sacrificed his life hoping that his Son and Wife would live the ill fate that had befallen them.



And finally, the one man in the entire series, who showed the world what love is.

He is known by many names. Snivellus, Snivellus Greasy (by the Marauders) Sev (by Lilly Evans) Severus (by Dumbledore)  and as ‘The Bravest Man I ever Knew’ (By Harry Potter and the entire Fandom)

Severus Prince Snape.

He was in fact, the hero of the entire series. He gave Unrequited love an entirely new dimension.

You loved that girl, Severus. Even though you knew that there was no way she would reciprocate those feelings, and that She was in love with another guy (who was your arch-enemy), you still loved her.  You proved that unrequited love is just as valid and intense as any other kind of love. It is selfless, beautiful and kind. You taught me that loving someone purely because you love them, and not expecting the same in return, is the bravest and truest kind of love.

And with Severus being revealed as the bravest and truest of all heroes, the series ended and so does this crush list.

And to all you muggles reading this and fuming your ears out, calling me ‘hopeless’ or ‘unrealistic’ or ‘smitten by fantasy’ in your minds, I have only one thing to say.

People find true love in really odd places. Coffee shops, trains, shopping malls, hospitals, weddings and even in during zombie apocalypses.

If you are fine with all of that, you should be fine with the fact that I found true love amidst the pages of my favourite books.

These boys in books are way better, they’ll be there for my whenever I need them and I just can’t have enough of reading about them!!!

Well maybe there’s a guy out there who is just like them, looking for a girl like Lily Evans.

I should probably take a shot of Felix Felicis before I head for the hunt !!

Paper-And-Ink Addict Forever,




  1. Haha!! I don’t think I had a crush on this many, but I sure did have a HUGE one on James Potter! 😀 He’s completely nuts but at the same time a handsome sweetheart. Knows how to be charming without effort. God knows the number of fanfics I’ve read on James and Lily 😀 Haha.

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