Let’s Run Away!!

I’m exhausted after a long day at college, but I feel like writing. Actually,  I feel like sharing.

Let’s Runaway. Figuratively.

Let’s juts get out of here.

The place around us is filth. It’s dusty, contaminated and fake.It’s monotonous and robotic.

My heart craves for something pure. I know that yours does too.

I know of a beautiful city out there, that is filled with all the magical things that you’ve ever dreamed of. A city that has been built out of dreams, love, enchantments and other good things. And in that beautiful city, stands a large and thick bound of jungle. Every night, in the middle of the forest, the stars descend and when they do, they’ll shower us with their light.

Let’s just dance.

Forget about being graceful, forget about music and choreographed moves.

Let’s just bask under the silver starlight and dance, because we feel like it. Let’s dance because the stars shine down on us tonight. The starlight is ours. Only ours.

And I like light.

The place where we live now, it’s just too dark. Whatever light that’s left behind has been killed by the shadows of doubt and fear. I despise doubt and fear.

If we run away, we can find a way to kill the darkness that killed the light.

Then let’s just sit down on the banks, and let the cool breeze lift our souls as they swish past us. And then, let’s talk. Let’s talk about everything that we ever wanted to talk about, but never had someone to listen to. I’m here. I’ll listen.

Let the desire to go as far as we can, be the only thing that keeps us running. Normal people can disappear whenever they please. We’re not normal. We’re special. We’re made of starlight, remember? Anybody can disappear. Running away is something that only we can do. It’s a choice, not a compulsion.

Running away is desire.

Just take my hand and trust me. You deserve a vacation. I know that I do.

Life’s all about running away.

If you stop running away, you’ll be gone.



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