Camp NaNoWriMo Prep – The Commitment issue.

Writing a novel, or even attempting to, is REALLY hard.

And trying to do so, in one month, is even harder.

Sometimes, you just want to quit. Or half way through, you just feel like the story you’re  writing is pure garbage. You feel like you really want to be doing something else with your time.

I’ve been there too. I understand.

But, the one thing that helps me through any block is this: If there’s an idea in your head, it deserves to be let out.

I respect that idea, because God knows, getting an idea or an inspiration is the most essential fuel to your creativity.

However, there might be these tiny challenges along the way. So here are five tricks I personally use to keep my commitment level alive, through out the novel writing process.

1. Love Your Story. 

I hear a lot of people complaining about how they don’t like their story. They feel like they don’t where their story is headed, or they just feel like their story is not good enough any more.

I just want to throw a tiny reminder your way. You’re the one writing your story! You can change it, at any point.

The novel that I finished last month ? Well, at 10,000 words of it, I thought it could do better with supernatural elements in it, so I changed the entire plot. Later at 13,000 words of the supernatural part, I felt like the old version was better and switched back. Don’t ask me why I did it. It just FELT better.

Switching gears in your story is not bad. In fact, sometimes it is very essential, to experiment with alternate choices.

Point is, to make sure you’re having fun, and to make it feel less like work, you can do WHATEVER you want with your novel! Change p.o.v’s, change the location, delete a chapter, kill characters, create new ones! Do whatever makes you feel better. It is YOUR novel.  Have fun!

2. Have Writing Buddies. 

Make friends. Writing can be a bit of a lonely profession, and you can very easily detach yourself from the world, but if you have people who are just as passionate with writing as you are around you, you’ll feel motivated. And the most important thing is this. Having writing buddies will ensure that you don’t quit that easily.

Also, these people will become the most important people in your life,because they will be the ones who read your first draft and they will be ones who have the guts and care enough about you, to tell you that the first draft sucked.

So, Sri di, Hema di, Tejas Anna, Kavya, Deloret, Priyakshi , Mukilan, Madhan, Ppd and Ishu, if you’re reading this, Thank you so much, and I love you guys!!

3. Be Constantly Inspired.

I know it might sound a little unproductive to suggest this, but I cannot emphasise the importance of this one step, please take some time to do something else!

While writing a novel, it might seem a little logical and sensible to spend all of your energy into your novel, but sometimes you can’t really force it, you know. Read books. Watch movies. Read more books.

Don’t take a break from reading WHILE you’re writing.  Read good writing and watch the words flow. It will help bring inspiration back.

Also, when you’re feeling frustrated with your work, grab a book. It will help you realise that all published authors are people, just like you and me. Although they started where you started out from, what really sets them apart is that, they FINISHED their stories.

And it could very easily be you, in the future!

4. Take Care Of Your Self 

I’m writing this for me. ESPECIALLY for me.

Novel writing can be a very absorbing task, so do remember to drink water and eat every few hours.

I mean, come on, what use would it be, if you finished an epic master piece and you died or something?

Seriously, Eat well and Eat healthy, mates! I’m telling this from a very bitter personal experience.

5. Brainstorm. 

If you ever feel stuck, or lonely or out of inspiration, ask your self why. From experience, I feel like first-time writers usually have commitment issues with their work for the following reasons.

Did School or College come in your way? Do you have kids and you need to take care of them? A job? These are things you cannot simply kick away because you want to write a novel.   But what are you doing with the rest of your time? Do you stay up late night, watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S with your hostel mates? Do you have a weekly gaming session with your best friends? Do you simply waste hours away in Facebook, refreshing your news feed and stalking your crushes and Ex-es?

Here’s the bitter truth: Not all published authors are full time writers. They are usually processionals who started out writing part time. They had something, that the rest of us don’t have : Time management skills.

Life is all about priorities. If your novel matters to you as much as it should, you will cut down all the non productive stuff that you do, sit down and actually write!

Be stubborn and be focussed.

Wishing You Luck,






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