Six Reasons Why You Should NOT Watch O Kadhal Kanmani

Okay, okay!

I know I’m late to the party.

I had a major network problem at home. So, please pardon me with the delayed review.

No matter which direction I turn, all that I see now are girls who want to have Dulquer’s babies and boys who would kill to have a live in with Nithya.

So, obviously, here are six reasons as to why you should NOT watch Ok Kanmani.

  1. The Female Protagonist.


Tara has guts. She’s fearless and ambitious. Now why would we want to see such a confident and self-motivated girl on screen? I mean, we could’ve had the typical dumb glam-doll we see in all Kollywood movies. You know, the girl who just sings, dances, flashes smiles at the camera and has nothing to contribute to the screenplay except her glamour quotient.

I mean, she’s absolutely fearless. She refuses to budge, be it her mother or her friend who proposes to her, or her girlfriends or even if it’s Aadhi, she refuses to step down from her standards.

The questions she asks are daringly sensible. For example, when Aadhi’s sister-in-law threatens her to marry him and accuses of her moral and values she says ‘Idha neenga Aadhi kittayum ketrukalam’ or when she says ‘Marriage enna certificate ah’ we see her as a strongly opinionated and sometimes, much more heroic than Dulquer himself.

Now, why would we want to watch such a painfully confident girl?

  1. It’s Fresh Plot.


So, here’s the one liner of the film : Two young professionals, a game designer and an architect, dcide that they do not agree with principles of marriage and commitment, decide to live in together, under the shadow of an elderly couple, Ganapathy Uncle and Bhavani Aunty. They later fall for each other and decide to marry.Everything about this plot, is fresh and new.

Interestingly though, Ok Kanmani is Alaipayuthe in reverse. Karthik and Shakthi marry, fall in love,live together and have those annoying little fights driving a wedge between them. Tara and Aadhi, however do it all in reverse. They meet, decide to live together, have those little fights, fall in love and finally get married.


We could’ve easily gone back to the old stereotyped commercial flick, where the hero swings a huge helicopter single handedly, abducts the girl from her wedding and dances to an item song when the city is on fire. That would’ve been really comfortable to watch. Just saying.

  1. Aadhitya Varadharajan


The hero is just as interesting as Tara. I mean, he is not the usual jobless rogue we see in a usual tamil flick. He is a professional who has responsibility. He doesn’t cuss around or blame the society. He is also a very practical young person. He doesn’t let romance blind him. He doesn’t stereotype women. He respects his girlfriend Tara just as much as he respects his Sister-in-law or his elderly landlady with Alzheimer’s or his little niece.

The nerve! Why would we want to see something so sensible and nice?

  1. Bhavani Aunty and Ganapathy Uncle.


They are, probably the pair that lifts up the romance quotient of the entire movie. Bhavani Aunty, is a darling. She’s not the stereotyped moral police we see old people to be. She’s open minded and is adorable when she calls her husband outdated and approves of the Live-In relationship in her apartment.

That’s just pushing it. Definitely not worth a watch.

So, on a personal note,  here’s a little wish I have. I really hope they make Ok Kanmani Part Two and give us more of Bhavani Aunty and Ganapathy Uncle! Please Please Please!

  1. A.R.Rahman and P.C.Sreeram:


One my friends rightly said, ‘After forty-five minutes, it’s a competition between Mani Ratnam, Rahman and PC Sreeram to outdo the others!’

Why would anyone want to have a treat to their eyes, ears and intellect, at the same time? Huh?

  1. The movie has class:


You’ll see that the movie has nothing that’s other than super-classy. You have a neatly dressed female protagonist. You have the hero who doesn’t swear or write songs, degrading and cursing women. You don’t hear cheap abusive language. We don’t have a group of lets-get-drunk-and-dance-in-the-streets guys. So tell me, why would we really want to watch it? we don’t seem to be getting much out of this, are we?

And Yes!!

They do sleep together before getting married.

There, I said it!

It annoys me how people dwell on that one fact and blindly decide to hate a brilliant movie, that’s sheer excellence in every domain it touches. You have the best of everything. O Kadhal Kanmani is a complete package, but only for the audience that it’s targeted at.

This  is definitely not for the narrow minded judgmental people.

But it’s definitely a treat for people like Bhavani Aunty, people who keep pace with the changing trends and accept the younger generation just the way they are, instead of scrutinizing them.




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  1. I am absolutely NOT offended by the plot or the portrayal of the characters. But that still did not prevent me from getting bored during the first half. So, the bold heroine (who decides to live together while not even being sure if she really loves Adhi) and the upwardly mobile hero eventually have to decide how to proceed with their relationship. And the biggest trigger/impediment for that is that one is going to Paris and the other to U.S.? Are we in the 19th century where if you live in separate time zones, your communication and companionship falls apart, or faces a threat? C’mon!

    1. I dont think you have to be in love for a live in relationship… do we??? Your assumptions could not be part of someone else’s movie

    2. Whatever century it is..when u love someone..and live separately it shows how it feels..communication and companionship not proportional while living inseparate..

  2. It has also become fashionable to say “PCSriram’s cinematography was awesome”. Nothing negative about PCS but somebody please tell me what was “Wow”, about it. It was just as it should be. May be the other cinematographers in Kollywood really suck that we have started raving about even acceptable stuff 🙂

    1. We cannot ‘Tell’ you what was wow sir. You have look at it and feel the colours and light that he has so intelligently imparted into the movie that gives us the ‘Bombay’ feel. We’re not RAVING and this is not just ACCEPTABLE stuff. This is pure genius. I mean, especially the camera. I think we need to stop getting jealous and appreciate talented people no matter how senior they are. I repeat, this is NOT a fashion statement. It’s called celebrating rare talent. :p

    1. I just read it. It was brilliant. Although I disagree with you in a few places, It was really well written.
      P.S: I agree with your last point. Compared with all his previous movies like Bombay or Kannathil Muthamitta, the movie does lack some depth. But that’s the point, don’t you think? Not all great films need to have an intricately layered plot. Some movies are meant to just entertain, and I think Ok Kanmani does a great job at that. I know each of us are entitled to our opinion, but I don’t remember the last time I wanted to watch a Tamil flick over and over again. 🙂

      1. I think I agree to the lack in depth part of the movie. Unlike other Manirathinam’s movie, this movie was a little unrealistic. Also, I felt like I was in a Gowtham Vasudev’s movie. Too wasy lifestyle. I loved movie to bits, but it def lacked a little depth.

  3. Nithya and Dulqar did complete justice to the role. All the actors acted well in this movie and the camera was good. but something was missing somewhere. I got bored after a while and movie was lagging. Anyways every one have their own opinion, so you can’t say that someone is jealous by saying their view point which can be either negative or positive. There is nothing wrong in so called “Live in” relationship if the both the parties are matured and able to handle the difficult situations, but sorry to say not meant for people who are living in the film world and dreams. Reality is different from movies and stories.

    1. Awesome review. Haven’t Watched the movie yet but planning it for this weekend. And Yes, received mixed reviews but I dont care.

  4. Good review – But once again the story line was taken from English romantic comedy – Friends with benefits. So mani sir has the great talent to steal someone creation. He is talented but not fare on some others shoes.

  5. still mesmerized by the lead pair and ( bhavani aunty , Ganapathy uncle) .. I do not think anybody else could juxtapose couples with modern thinking and ones rooted to traditions with ease and devoid of jarring’s !

  6. I shared, because i liked. But one of my friend aptly called this movie : Mangalya Balam ! I fully agree with him. That is where Mani missed a golden oppurtunity to take the basic issue to newer heights..dont tell me it is because of box office is because of his personal limitations …

  7. for me, the most unforgettable part of the movie is when Nitya and Dulqar engage in small talk on the bed after their first ‘relationship’ – with their heads in opposite directions. At that moment, I felt both of them are my own children ..

  8. The depiction of eternal love between Ganapathy uncle and Bhavani Aunty was the main stem in the movie that inspires the younger generations that true love still exists and is even possible. Great job Manirathnam Sir..

  9. Hey Bala!! Nicely written, though it would be fun if we could have a debate. I agree this movie has touched a different genre overall. But since its a review, I guess it can be opinionated, right?! Would you mind if I refer your blog in mine? I am not a serial blogger per say, but I love blogging and I do so only when I am really moved by something. Will be waiting for your approval!
    Thanks and regards,

  10. There are so many talents in cinematography already and few are still upcoming, and if you really want to feel the “Bombay” then a simple documentary will give you the perspective. Does anyone know what type of camera is being used for a movie? and people always talk about the camera stuff lol 🙂 PC’s work in the past is still legendary but this is definitely not a “WOW” from me. There is much needed awareness to be brought to the society especially to the poor in several facets from educated people like us, but still people always talk about movies which are just an entertainment for relaxation purpose. “Social media”, the word is much self-explanatory to raise social causes to a society, and I request people should start writing selflessly without looking for likes in the on-line portals. Can someone telly me why cinema has taken so much space to discuss about? Why we are so brainy in thinking about copied movies and script looting directors?

  11. yes the movie is both fresh and sluggish. but the thing that left a big confusion in my mind is how did the couple who were against marriage come to believe in it at last, there is no real relevance of instances where they had the change of mind.

  12. Why didn’t couldn’t people think in this angle as you were plotting ?
    Why people was thinking it is inevitably start of relationship that leads to quick decision (Why can’t people think it as love) ? Coming to LIVE IN relationship I couldn’t see anything matured…whether it could be a bad example for the content society ?
    When she was protrayed Female Protagonist Why was the girl shown as weaker to bring out love the as if it was exists ?
    Its again a movie not a life ………. The way you reviewed shows you are writer (assumed) ….Good luck …

  13. I really got pissed of by te caption of ur review and tot of blast off wit comments but te content was amazing and well put and true.

  14. I mean its really nice to see u pull off all the nice things in the movie for a review…but my personal opinion abt the movie is a tad bit(now who am I kidding) very disappointing…wouldn’t have been so if the tag of Mani rathnam hadn’t been there…it definitely lacked details n depth n the hidden message(was there any?? ) just couldn’t be found…we were actually abt 5 mins late for the movie n I was cursing myself for being late but in some time I felt a lot better…I felt the only gud thing abt it was that it was thankfully short…no offense to the movie likers and makers who must have definitely put their heart n soul into the making but shudnt the movie be likeable…like the movie I…lots of efforts taken but not impressive… There are many serials that deal with love marriage n live in relationships that are a lot moving…so there u go the words of a disappointed fan!!!

  15. First of all, thank you. Thank you so much for all your responses. Now I would love to address to certain disturbing comments and messages I received, like a true Gryffindor.

    1. Yes, the title of this post was intentional. Yes, it was clever of me to do so. I don’t understand why some people get offended that I did something like this to bring some traffic to my blog. Do you folks go to work and blame the people who work OT? Or do you sit in you class and scold the topper for studying well and acing the test? This blog is my professional identity as an author and me trying to do something to spread the word about it, in the most non-misleading way possible, doesn’t seem like a bad thing to do.

    2. I’d like to stress again on the word ‘non-misleading’. The post IS directed at the haters. The point of the article is to bring the HATERS in here and make them see what I feel like they are missing. It was an article that’s entirely based on MY opinions on the movie.

    3. No, I am not a millionaire yet because of this post. I received certain very crude comment regarding how cleverly I ‘marketed’ this for some ‘extra bucks’. Here’s a tiny little spoiler for you : I did not do any marketing for this (I have my semester exam starting on Saturday, you muggles! I’m cramming away pages and pages of Satellite Communication, how in the world can you expect me, a 21 year old girl, to do marketing for a blog post she wrote as a hobby whilst her finals were fast approaching???).

    Also I am NOT getting paid a single dime for this post.

    Neither WordPress nor Mani Ratnam nor A.R.Rahman nor P.C.Sreeram norThe distributors of OKK are paying me for this!! In all honesty, they don’t even know that I exist!! Like all fangirls out there, I just have an obsession over them and I wrote this because I WANTED to. Can’t you see how my blog doesn’t have even a single ad? People!! I do not even have my own domain name for crying out loud!!! Sorry to disappoint you.

    So, now that you know I’m not making any money out of this, feel free to share this. I’m not getting rich because of your likes, shares and comments :p

    4. Yes. I am a hardcore fan of Mani Sir. And it infuriates me when certain people are scrutinizing him much more than he ought to be. I’m a little over protective of the people and the things that I’m a fan of and I’ll make a blog post about this later, and show you how wrong you are all about him 😛
    You see young directors, telling the world how he inspired them to take up Cinema as a profession, right? Well, in my case, he was the one who inspired me to WRITE. Unlike the other people in the ManiRatnam fandom, I am fascinated by his story telling and plotting skills, rather than his film making abilities. Infact, the ultimate aim of my life is to write a Novelisation of one of his best movies, Kannathil Muthamittal. Well, I know that’s a very unrealistic dream, but I have a gut feeling that one day ,I will meet him in person and will write the novelization. In fact, I don’t just fangirl over him. I worship him. You can say all that you want about him, but you haters cannot do anything to the Mani Ratnam Fandom. I only see his fan base growing every day and with OKK, he has now proved that he is worth all the love. He is a National asset.

    And don’t even get me started on the comparison of OKK with Friends with Benefits and No Strings Attached and a couple of other American Melodrama.
    In the creative process, and with story telling especially, we have this beautiful theory called ‘No New Plots.’ Everything around us is just improvisations of seven or eight basic plots.
    There is NO such thing as a new story.
    We borrow from Shakespeare and Shakespeare borrowed from the ancient Romans who probably borrowed stuff from legendary folklores and mythology. Every single story that you see and hear has been inspired from one element or another.
    Humans, by nature,are very predictble, you see.
    So, Listen to me, loud and clear, when I say this.
    ALL the stories around us are nothing more than the same plot with different proportions of tragedy, fear, comedy, doubt, despair, love and hatred .
    ALL of them.
    EVERY SINGLE one of them.

    Stop kidding yourself, you’re not really too smart to have figured the similarities between two movies.

    And I find it painfully funny that you are accusing someone like Mani ratnam, A master story teller of plagiarism.

    Yeah, as if every other story you see in other Kollywood movies are original. Seriously, whom are ya kidding?

    Dudes and dudettes, wake up into reality!!

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and start studying. I have five chapters to finish mugging.

  16. Sorry to have taken ur precious tym…though have to make it clear that the whole arguement was definitely not abt plagiarism as u put it but like u say its just that I don’t feel there were any ‘proportion of emotions’ in the movie but if u r going to be entitled to urs n only ur opinion then maybe u can not have the comments button…n just so u know I’m writing this with a smile on my face coz I feel like I’m teasing some sweet little hardcore Mani rathnam fan who won’t take a word against him…anyways think this has to end sum where so I’m sorry to have offended u..n no I don’t consider myself any smarter than Mr Mani rathnam or for that matter even u…thot he WD want to know what his viewers feel since he makes the movie for them..duh!
    P.s: not expecting another reply before ur exams are over..this can wait(wink)…

    1. Hey Ash!!
      Here’s a plot twit for you : That comment was not directed at you at any chance and I actually liked your comment because you were the only person who told me you were a disappointed fan. I appreciate your honesty and I was infact impressed with your truthful yet polite review. I was addressing to certain other rude (read very very rude) commentators, whose comments I have not approved to be visible here.
      No need to apologize at all!
      This is a free country and you can express your feelings as long as they don’t brutally offend the readers 🙂


      P.S. As for the studying, my mother is now looking over my shoulder and reading the comments as I’m typing this all out. Her exact words were this: “Exam ah vachittu indha panchayathu ella unakku thevaya?”
      For the first time in forever, I have to admit it, I agree that she is right!!

  17. A start to finish new generation movie with even a no holds barred live in relationship with the permission of elders! Sadly I couldn’t enjoy the movie 100% because I didn’t quite understand all the humourous dialogues. Nithya Menon with her cute smile was a little too short for Dulquer and should have been attired in more fashionable dresses as per Tamil standards. The pair looked absolutely fresh. Dulquer fits into the Tamil role like a hand in glove. I get the feeling that he is more suited for mischievous Tamil movies than sentimental and orthodox Malayalam films.
    A.R. Rahaman’s background score set the tempo of the scenes perfectly. Sadly there are no foot tapping peppy songs which you normally expect from A.R.Rahman.
    The church scene was a little exaggerated though. I think the boy and girl fell in love a little too soon too fast.
    All in all a watchable movie.

    1. malayalam movies are not orthodox watch mumbai police, banglore days or any pandmarajan or bharathan movies…… they were way ahead of its time and makes sense till date…..

  18. Bala,

    That line “treat to eyes, ears and intellect at the same time” is absolutely true. Enjoyed a good movie after a long time.

    And all the best with your exams..

  19. Hey Bala,
    First of all, Do well for your exams.
    I too parted that engineering part and know how much complicated it is to stay away from replying the comments in our blog and keep your head into studies.
    Thanks for the review. Its after posting my review on the movie I searched for other reviews and caught eyes on yours. It was beautiful. As you said I am also a hardcore fan of Mani Ratnam. ❤ And to all the disappointed fans i would like to say, no one can make perfect things always. Sometimes there will be flaws. If Mani Sir doesn't meet your expectations or made you disappointed, don't be sad cause an art work (any of it) depends on self satisfaction. Its not about how you feel about my work, it's about how i feel about my work.
    And for the ones who are not ready to appreciate talent, If you don't like it; it's your personal opinion. But to the one who didn't see WOW factor in the camera, I don't know what should I say to you. Which is the last movie which made you feel so energetic and liveful like this? I felt 'Banglore days' as a good camera work and that made me watch the movie again. And here, its the freshness, tenderness and that energetic frames make me think of the movie again and again. And those who are bored of the same plot, you should probably hating your life now. Cause no life is different every moment. You must be having same type of days at least twice in a week. Don't say NO. If you need different plot to every movie releasing, its hard part. Stories are from experiences, and if we need something real, we have to watch the same plot sometimes. 🙂
    And once again to Bala, Good review sis. It's a different one and special one.. Love you for that. and don't bother about negative responses.. It happens. But count the responses. Its overwhelming.. Count on the stars.. 🙂
    With Love,

  20. Hello, I just watched this movie albeit with subtitles (I don’t speak Tamil) nevertheless I enjoyed it immensely. Upon googling it, I came across your review and I absolutely love it! You’ve summed up how I felt about this film beautifully. Kudos.
    Also, are there similar films in kollywood? I would love to explore after this cinematic delight. Would love some suggestions.

  21. You are absolutely right…i am a person that doesnt watch a movie more than matter how long apart…but with this movie i have never been bored…just a great plot with the people and right music to enjoy

    1. Sorry… I take it back…I didn’t read the rest of the comments before leaving my comment…awesome review… Hope you get to pursue a career in writing seeing that your blog is very casual and it’s like your directly speaking to me. Oh!who am I to advice you ? Anyways good luck 😉

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