Sexism : Opinions By A Lady.

It’s funny how easily they quite easily categorize women.

She’s either a Lady, or a slut.

She’s either innocent, or evil.

She’s either a dumb blonde or an insufferable know it all.

She’s either an angel or a witch.

She’s either super sweet or super hot.

She’s either adorable, or awkward.

She’s either a professional, or a stay at home mother.

Let me put this straight, we’re much more complex than that. The word ‘And’ was created, EXCLUSIVELY for us.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be given the permission to categorize us. It’s just that I’m trying to point it out to you that you CAN’T. We’re not designed that way. Our personalities have the potential to bear so many things, that might easily escape the notice of a common man. Labels don’t work.

She’s not just ‘An Actor.’ For all that you know, she could be an actor AND a singer AND an author AND a university rank holder! And that’s just talking professionally.

She’s also a sister AND a daughter AND an aunt AND a best friend AND girl friend. And these titles will be held close to heart just as much as anything else that follows her name.

And personality wise, things get a lot more complex. She could be an adorable blonde who is super smart AND is awkward at certain situations. She could be a professional AND a full time mother who could turn into a witch AND an angel depending on how you treat her career AND her child.

I just came back from a short vacation, and there was an incident that actually inspired me to write this.

My cousins and I were walking down a street in Kodaikanal, and there was this guy who was walking the same lane, but in the opposite direction. We were talking, and we were just looking down or looking away, but he waited, until he could make eye contact with at least one of us, and then he wolf whistled.

Now, I’m not going to lie and tell you that it was the first time I’ve ever been through such wolf whistling experiences. Usually when that happens, it’s just a group of unstable lads who are trying to impress each other, or it’s just someone who is being silly and is very easy to ignore. I’m not saying that such wolf whistles are acceptable. No. They are just equally perverted, but it’s just that from a girl’s point of view, they are easier to ignore, and much more easier to pretend it’s not directed at them and we can just walk away haughtily, with our pride still intact.

But this guy, he was perverted to a totally different level. He waited until at least one of us looked in his direction, before he whistled.

Don’t get worried, we’re three confident and gutsy young girls, we walked out of that street safe and sound, but there was this question that kept boggling my mind even when we got back to the hotel.

What did he expect from that whistle?

What did he expect us to do when he whistled at us? That one of us was going to jump into his arms and say ‘Take me, thou handsome Romeo?’

I mean, What?


What was he even thinking?


The wolf whistle is not an attractive musical that makes women fall for you as soon as they hear it.

On the other hand, it has actually become the one most valid reasons to make use of our three and a half inch pointed heels as a lethal weapon.

I honestly don’t understand why boys still do it!

If you’re a guy who’s reading this and you’re into the whole wolf whistle thing, CUT IT OUT!

For all that you know, that girl you wolf whistled at could be incredibly sexy AND a Takewondo champion.



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