On Brave Cowards and Disney Princes. [With Priyakshi Sharma]

I’ve finally finished the long awaited collab-post with Priyakshi Sharma and it’s turned out to be intense, amusing and magical.

To those of you who don’t know, she’s a writer and my soul-sister. We’ve known each other for more than a year now, and I have to say, she doesn’t cease to fascinate me with her brilliant thoughts, her deep philosophical talks and her beautiful poems.

So today’s post has two sections, a small prose by Priyakshi about the brave cowards that all of us are, followed by a quirky case study on disney Princes, by me =)

We’ve worked on this post for almost a week, so I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as we loved writing it.


Our hearts are brave cowards.

Cowards, because we are always afraid that those with the right eyes will see through us.

We are afraid that if we give them plain honesty: the unrefined, crude, naked, uninteresting, wild, random, strangest truths about us, they might begin knowing us more than we want them to.

Assumptions will be made, opinions formed, conclusions reached and judgments passed. We aren’t comfortable with that, are we?

So instead, we decide to be the smart social beings that we are and present the world with filtered feelings.

We feel we can’t let people decode our carefully engineered selves! That would wipe away all our colorful mystery. How often do we talk about the things which actually matter to us?

Our relationship with our parents, the career choice we didn’t make because of lack of a single word of motivation, why we actually wish some of your relatives would disappear, the dirty regrets which clasp our subconscious and humiliate us in the form of nightmares, how sometimes we worry that we might hurt someone intentionally, that we actually want to play the villain.

How many of our friends know about our deepest fears?

No, not the fear of heights or spiders.

The fear of not being enough for anyone, or anything.

The fear of a constant lack.

The day we start talking about these things, what will be but a temporary arrangement of molecules who can act superior to other species?

But will we talk about these things and let yourself be snatched of mystery and confusion and intellectual thoughts and magic?


We are smart cowards.

We are brave cowards.

Brave, because we allow ourselves the risk to be loved.

Oooh yes.

Love is a sweet risk.

Mindboggling celestial objects in space, the mystery of God, the possibility of life forms light years away from Earth, revolutions around the Sun, Extinctions and evolution, and here we are…talking about invasions, governments, ethics, maggi ban, cultural identity, relationships and deaths.

Aren’t we brave enough to invest our hearts unconditionally into affairs which don’t exist in this vast, grand space? Because this is who we are.

We are products of magic, and at the end of the day, these things will be hanging at the foot of our beds. This is our capacity.

Our capacity ends where our hearts end.

And we can’t bear someone demolishing it beyond repair. So, may be we will continue being the smart, brave cowards which we are.

If you are lucky enough to find a person in front of whom you can bare your soul, and melt away your masks, respect and cherish the moment, however short it might be!



It’s no big secret that I have a massive crush, no strike that, I’m in love with Eugene Fitzherbert.

I was thinking over a cup of coffee, the other day, about the Disney lead men, and what kind of guys they’d be like in real life. Would they really be as perfect as they are in the movies, or worse still, would their disney-standard-of-perfection actually match with the standards of the real world?

Much to my shock, I discovered that I wouldn’t risk getting into a relationship with any of them.

Prince Charming, Cinderella :


He’s that guy who loves to do nothing but party, and a potentially spoilt wealthy brat who loves hunting for women. He is convincingly charming, (Duh, name.), and he would treat you like a lady all night, dance with you in the ball, and tell you he loves with all his heart, but dude can’t remember what your face looks like when he wakes up the next morning.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think, I’d trust this guy….



A compulsive liar.

Severe trust issues might pop up if you ever decide to live with this guy.

I mean, think about it, he pretends he’s a prince, just so that he can get the girl.

And he probably doesn’t believe in himself as much as a man should, and that perhaps hints of inferiority complex.

The Beast:


Has anger issues and holds the girl he loves, captive. And if you ever fall in love with this guy, you need to know it’s not love, but Stockholm Syndrome.

Peter Pan:


This guy would never be matured enough.

Besides, you can’t date him because he’s still a CHILD.

Also, isn’t it kind of awkward that he always has tinker bell around?

Good Bye, Privacy.

Prince Philip:


This guy, I don’t know, he just looks too sweet and thus he looks too evil?

I mean, he stumbles upon Aurora in the middle of the woods, and then falls for her, at first sight, and then kisses the girl to wake her up?

I know it’s the Disney norm, but isn’t he just too perfect and flawless that it makes me suspicious?

It’s him and the prince from Snow white. They disturb my peace of mind, every time I watch them?

I don’t know, does that make any sense? Is this just me? When something or someone looks pitch perfect, I start suspecting them to be Psychopathic serial killers?



A male chauvinist.

(That scene with Meg, where he tries to save her? That annoys me. A lot. )

Enough said.

Prince Eric:


He’s one of those idiots who doesn’t think twice before he falls for a girl. He is so blinded by love, that why he doesn’t ask Ariel where she comes from, doesn’t think logically about his cross-species love affair and he doesn’t even notice that Ariel’s voice is missing!

So annoyingly blind!

True love is when you just look into the other person’s eyes and guess that something is wrong, right?

But he spends so much time with her, and it doesn’t hit his mind that something’s wrong with his lady love? What? No…..that is not romantic.

Flynn Rider.



You can’t date him.




Not in this life, and not in all the lives that are to come.


Oh, why you ask? Because, he’s mine.

ONLY mine.




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  1. This is brilliant beyond words. Girls, you are fabulous. This has got everything. Philosophy, Fun. Pun, Life, Love, Humor, Art, Satire. Everything.
    The first half is so painfully precise that it exposes reader’s wounds to the harsh reality of life and his own soul’s mischief. It is so obvious, yet it is so new to know. Priyakshi, you are too mature for your age and too brilliant for a non professional writer (and on personal note, too kiddish for your age too). Kudos on this piece.
    The second half. Well, hardly anyone would have imagined this as subject for a blog post. No one in my knowledge, at least. While the concept is fresh and unique, the way it is nurtured is equally brilliant, if not more. The way you thrash the most desirable men of the Disneyland is fantastic, Bala. And May you get your Flynn Rider soon 😉
    Congratulations on this awesome post. You know, the lion has tasted blood, I will look forward to more of these 😛

  2. Loved this post! Brilliant work 🙂 Every line in brave cowards kept me thinking, it was honest. The mystery behind every talk, every soul, is something that makes life interesting and magical. And Bala, unexpected analysis 😛 Like the magical beginnings of fairy tales, your post ends with the beginning of a fairy tale 😉 (the search for Flynn).

  3. Hehe, the most delayed comment ever, but I don’t care 😛 I was reminded of this post all of a sudden and came to it. While I loved Priyakshi’s deep insight into how our minds work while something else is exhibited outside, I laughed my heart out with your piece, Bala, which actually resonated with every single thing I had a nudge about. Before I read and watched Cinderella in my single digit ages, Mum narrated the story to me while tucking me into bed and as she got to the part about the foot size for the glass slipper, I vividly remember asking her, ‘Erm, doesn’t he remember her face?’ And she was like, ‘It’s a fairytale.’
    Flynn Rider is plain epic! I mean, what guy replies, ‘Horrible decision, really’ when the girl says she’s going to trust him? XD Shame we can’t find a guy like Eugene or Darcy in this world 😉 😛

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