It’s no big surprise.

Everyone around me knows that I’m a weird little creature.

I bury myself inside a cozy world of fantasy, multi task between writing short stories, writing a novel, blogging, and studying. I usually love hanging around with people.

However, I’m not going to lie, but there are certain instances when “People” make me want to reach out for my 10¾” long wand that has a dragon heart string core and scream “Repello Muggletum”.

Apparently, there are too many misconceptions about being a writer and if I had a dollar for every time someone asks me ‘Do you really fit into the “real” word’ or ‘Would you ever come out of the fantasy world you are trapped in’ or ‘Are you planning to take up a real job?’, I’d still be the struggling author that I am now, because I wouldn’t know what to do with the two billion dollars that I have :p

Well, you know someone who writes? Then it applies to them too! This is the #TenThingsWritersWant Tag and I’ll nominate a few of my friends down below, for them to carry on this tag.

So, here’s a list of things that would make sure I won’t grind my teeth, hate human beings or make me kill a character that I love. In my opinion, the world would be such a better place if we just kept our writers happy, just saying.

1. I Know that you’re writing. So, I’m not going to talk to you until you’re done.

Bless you.


Because, nothing infuriates me much more than being interrupted whilst I’m writing.

2. Hey, Bala! Here, I made you a cup of coffee.

If someone makes me a cup of coffee, without me asking for it, I would trust my life with them. I ADORE someone who commits to refilling the caffeine in my blood stream.

It’s a sign of true love, alright?

3. I have been re-reading your write ups and stories.

This applies to literally EACH AND EVERY writer that you know.

I mean, it’s okay to come up to us and say ‘Hey, I like what you wrote.’ But the question is, you leave us thinking how much you liked it!

Do you “like” it as in you’re interested in reading it once and then moving on with your life? Or do you “like” it as in you’re going to marry the book and sleep with it cuddled to you in bed?  Tell me. Tell me EXACTLY how much you liked it.

4. Oh, you’re having a plot crisis? Wanna talk about it?

I already have one very special friend who helps me out with almost all plot crises and misbehaving characters.

I just wish everyone else could be like him. Being patient with my ramblings, listening and giving me honest advice is definitely one of the things that expect in each and every friend that’s around me.

5. I wish I could live in the worlds you created, because they’re so much better than the real world.

This one, is the ultimate thing you can say to render me speechless or to flatter me.

You know, the very reason I’m so addicted to pen and paper is that it helps me create a world of my own, a place where I am in control of things and a place where I can make good or bad things happen.

As far as that particular world is concerned, I AM GOD.

I created it, because I thought that the real world sucks. I’ve had this vision for a beautiful place for quite a long time and finally managed to bring it life on a blank page.

So,if you are going to tell me that you feel about this place just the way that I do, Wow.

Just Wow.

You have me impressed for life.

6. I would love to see your story as a movie.

Okay, so this one might get me all blushy and I might tell you to stop kidding, but trust me, deep  down, I WANT TO HEAR THIS.

Believe it or not, I have this list in my head that says I would cast so-and-so for all the characters in my books.

7. When your book is published, I’m going to buy like, 5 copies, and then I’m going to buy all my friends a couple of copies, and then I’m going to go back a few copies for back up and a year later I’m going to buy 20 copies.

Need I say more? Really?

8. I’ve been staying up late at night, just so that I can Finish your book!

This is a fairly underused phrase, but do keep remember this and use it when your friend who writes is around.

They’ll fall for this like no other.

9. Your writing broke my heart and I’m crying because of your story that I read last night.

Trust me, I WANT to hear this.

There are only two things I like to do aside from writing. And they are

a) knowing that my writing hurts people  b) making people cry.

Yes, I enjoy a large crystal goblet that’s filled with the  tears of readers with a side-dish of pure heartbreak.

10. OH, You finished the first draft of that novel? Congo Bala!! We should celebrate! Let me take you out and perhaps buy you a small island along the Andaman with a cruise ship to keep you motivated?

Finishing a book is HUGE! 

It’s not an easy job, okay?!

Writing a novel is suicidal. Some days you can’t even force it, at all. And plus it’s exhausting. Writers literally live THOUSANDS of lives!

It’s like acting or directing, but we have to be all the characters.

This takes passion, a mild dose of insanity and a ton of commitment! 

It is totally unfair that all that work gets brushed over with a “well, good job” when really, writers deserve to be celebrated for each and every draft.

So, that’s my list.

I now nominate Tejas Jani, Srichandra Mukherjee Venkataraman, Hema Farswan, Kavya Janani, Priyakshi Sharma, Mukilan, Deloret, Madhan Morris, Ishu (Deepika Kumaraguru in WordPress), Priya Darshini and anyone else who loves writing, consider yourself tagged by me for the #TenThingsWritersWant tag!

It doesn’t have to be a detailed blog post, even a small list on your Facebook Timeline would do. Tag your friends once you’re done and let me know!



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