Day 71, Happiness. [BoB]


I do not remember the last time I felt so happy.

I didn’t even know that it was possible for me to hold such large amounts of excitement, and that my tiny body was even capable of containing the intensity of such emotions.

Before you think that I just landed a million dollar book deal, let me tell you, this is, for the very first time in my life, not about my career or my academics.

The reason I’ve been behaving like a photon in a LASER is this.

I got drenched in rain, for the very first time in my life.

Well, don’t make that face, now.  I know it’s not much for some people, but for me, it’s such an important milestone.

My first thunderstorm.

My first cup of Mocha in the rain.

My first evening of walking along the damp and scenic road of NIT, Trichy, with an amazing bunch of friends.

My first ever gush of shivers, that the cool breeze brought with it, as it brushed against my dripping wet clothes that were sticking on to my skin.

It’s like a dream. A perfectly, incandescently flawless dream, morphed into reality.

It’s one of my happiest memories, so far. And I decided to write it out, as soon as possible. So please do forgive me if there isn’t the expected level of class of sophistication in this post, because the exhilaration hasn’t drained from my body yet, and I’m still in the excited state.

This is sheer uncontaminated happiness.

However, what really is happiness?

Happiness is rain.

Happiness is coming home, after a long vacation, and realizing that the best place to find yourself is not a picturesque holiday destination, but your very own bedroom. Happiness is that wave of relief that rolls over your mind, as you crash on your soft, crisply made bed, as that thought finally dawns on you.

Happiness is staying at home.

Happiness is looking across a large and heavily packed room full of strangers, and having someone smile at you. Happiness is getting closer, and realizing that strangers are just friends you still haven’t met, and rules you haven’t broken with. Happiness is friendship.

That adhesive, which keeps a group of friends calm and patient while taking almost a hundred selfies, in the same pose, over and over again,  just because one of them in the gang didn’t get their face right, is happiness.

Happiness is making memories.

Happiness is calling your mother from college, and for the first time not having your voice quiver with homesickness or to bury your emotions of sorrow or depression.  Happiness is, knowing that your mother is happy, because you’re happy.

Happiness is knowing that it won’t last forever, but being okay with it anyway.



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P.S. This post is dedicated to Gauthami, an amazing person with a wonderful heart and a beautiful smile who pushed me out of my ‘block’ phase and made me write. Love you, girl. :*  :*



  1. Happiness is seeing Bala happy.. The girl who worried alot on staying away from home.. 🙂 Happiness is reading her happy happy post in the middle of night and knowing that she is happy there..
    Keep on exploring dear.. 🙂

    Thanks to amazing girl Gauthami.. Thanks to the rain and thanks to WordPress.. Coz someone is smiling reading this.. 🙂

    1. Do I really need to mention about your quality of writing or the way you present your thoughts ? I guess a lot has already been conveyed to you by some people who actually have a sound knowledge about writing. I better not comment about it coz I don’t have any knowledge about it. I really enjoyed reading this one since I was a part of this memory and what you termed as “HAPPINESS”. I really appreciate you for the extra bit of courage with which you stepped out and accompanied us even though you were not really comfortable/confident in doing that. Trust me, it’s not an easy task. But once you stepped out, you were a STAR yaar. Hope that we manage to create many more wonderful memories like these as long as we are all together. Thank you for the company buddy 🙂

    2. Nimz!!

      Remember how you told me “So be like Ginny Weasley and go ahead… Talk like Hermione and conquer everyone…”

      That’s like my mantra right now!! Best piece of advice I’ve ever received.

      1. Oh yeah!! ❤
        Happy to hear you are still keeping that mantra in your head.. Someone saying I can give best advice.. 😉
        I told you… You are going to be fine.. You are going to get new experiences.. And see.. Its happening.. ❤
        Keep going my sweetheart.. All prayers there.. 🙂
        Keep conquering..


  2. Seeeeee…….I told you… will not take long to adjust to people and situations!! I am so glad to see you happy and atleast the rains were able to wash away your ‘ever nagging’ worries about BOB!! Cheers!

  3. Happiness is knowing that one of your friends is happy .. 😉

    Two days back, I asked my cousin – What are the best ways to enjoy rain ?

    And here I find this post. Yeah it rains everywhere – no coincidence that 😀 But someone you know writes about it after you have such a question in mind – something nice..

    Stay happy..

    ** I yaam very happpy – Goundamani ** 😀

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