Thank You, Birthday Boy.


How does one even thank someone who has affected your life in a huge way?

I mean, if it’s some celebrity, or someone you don’t know personally the number of ways to thank them is kind of limited. And it’s comparatively easy.

If I met A.R.Rahman, sure, I’d be elated and I would tell him (in a high pitched hyper excited voice) that I owe all the inspiration that’s behind the pages of my novel, to him. And I’d thank him for giving music that was almost like a spiritual therapy, during very tough times of my life.

If I met Jane Austen, I’d tell her that she inspired me to write in the first place.

If I met JKR, I’d thank her for the wonderful childhood that I had because of her.

But if it’s someone you know personally and talk to almost every single day, how do you even begin to thank them?

There are infinite ways to say thank you.It’s also quite complicated, because for some reason, it feels awkward and weird, thanking someone you know.

How many times do I even say it until I feel like it’s enough?

Deep down, I know it’s never going to be enough. And I know you won’t be cool with all the thanking, because duh, best friends don’t thank.

And how do I show it to you, and what if I run out of ideas before I feel satisfied?

You see, my mind is a mess right now. But I’ll try to be as coherent as possible, and count on the telepathy we share, to make sure you get what I’m trying to say here.

So listen carefully, you bouncy little ferret.

Listen very carefully.

I am consumed with gratitude.

I want to thank you almost all the time, and I want to keep saying it for all the same things.

I know you’re probably rolling your eyes as you read this and saying, ‘Quit thanking, will ya? What’re friends for?’ but please be patient and let me get through with this.

Thank you, for the time you called out to me when we were in 11th standard and said ‘Balakarthiga, You got the second highest mark in English test.’

You Proud Arrogant and Prejudiced Idiot!

How I wanted to kill you when you said that!

But we were both so young, and I didn’t know you’d turn out to be such an important person over the next six years.

Thank you for being there. Always.

Thank you for every time you text me, with that ‘Oi! Wassup?’ and making me smile reflexively.

Thank you for all the brilliantly intellectual and adoringly silly conversations we’ve had over the years, spanning from World Politics to Books and movies to Spirituality to Crushes.

We connect at an intellectual level. Everybody knows that.

Thank you for listening, quite patiently, to all the long rants that I have about my book, my college, annoying boys, stalkers, Sibi, Mom, Dad. And I want to thank you for understanding me when I tell you I don’t feel like I’m enough.

Thank you for sparing me all the useless empty advice and telling me to just deal with the fact that life sucks, and but we gotta live it anyways.

You probably don’t remember this, but thank you for all the wonderful stories you shared with me.

I started writing ‘professionally’ around 2013, and my first story was Purple Carnations. (Yes, yes. I know you love that story and you think it’s the best of all that I’ve written, but I like Monsoon Alienation better and you know why.)

So, here’s something I’ve never admitted to anyone else before. I wrote so vigorously and I never quit, BECAUSE OF YOU.

I’m not exaggerating.

Just wait and listen.

Sometimes, people do things that don’t seem like a big deal, but to someone else, it’s huge.

From your side, it probably looks quite a tiny amount of effort, but from here, it’s so easy to see how much effect those small gestures have had.

I know it’s your duty as a friend to read all my stories and give me a detailed feedback, but I have hundreds of friends, Mukilan.

And not one of them was even half as concerned with my stories as much as you were.

They did not make sure they read the stories as soon as it was published. They did not type out detailed and long reviews of each and every story, without being bored of it. They did not give me an inspiring account of their own personal experiences for my novel. And they did not agree to share the personal details of their lives to be researched upon.

You did.

The things you did, when you did them, might have seemed like small and fleeting, but the impact they’ve had has grown out to be far greater than even I was prepared for.

And it seems to have lasted far longer and would probably go on to exist forever, in the two and half finished novels and the several more that I am to write for the rest of my life.

You make me write, Mukilan.

You know that, right?

You must know.

You must surely know, that it was all because of you.



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  1. Happy Birthday, Mukilan! 🙂 I’ve never had a conversation with you but I owe you immensely for creating a shining star within my bestie’s life 🙂 It’s astounding to see how you serve as her constant source of energy and make sure she is on the right track. If this isn’t the incredible trait of a twin brother, I don’t know what else is 🙂 Happy birthday to you!! 🎂🎇🎆

    1. Hey! Thank you! I know this is a really late reply, but I came across this post again only now, and I did squat. Trust me. Her writing, all of it, is all her. I do tell her when, if, it sucks 😛 but she’s brilliant 🙂

  2. What more can Mukilan ask for than this blog post from his best friend? 🙂
    He might receive lots of gifts, but this one will be treasured forever. I am really happy to be a friend of you both. 🙂
    Once again, happy birthday Mukilan!

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