Love Lessons Learnt: Naanum Rowdy Dhaan


If you like a girl, you need to do almost everything possible to keep her smiling and happy!

This is the adorable one-line that’s beneath Naanum Rowdy Dhaan.

I liked this movie, because it was a very genuine entertainer.

It’s not like one of those movies that promise you something ‘Epic’ and then when you sit down with a tub of popcorn and a ton of expectations, the annoyingly cheesy story line only leaves you disappointed. This movie delivers exactly what it promises. An fun-filled family entertainment. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you’re looking for a detailed criticism that talks about the music, editing, DOP and all that ish, sorry you’re on the wrong page.

I liked the movie. It made me laugh and touched my heart in a way that witty humor does. That’s just it.

I repeat, this isn’t a review. This is just going to be a rant about the five love lessons I learnt from this flick. So, here goes.

1. Love and lies go well together. (Apparently)


If you like a girl, and by ‘like’ I mean that you like her as much as Pandian likes Kadhambari, it’s okay to lie……if it makes her happy.

To be honest, at first I was conflicted about how this made me feel. It annoyed me at first, because the kind of lies that this guy makes up aren’t just those excuses people give for being late or for forgetting an anniversary.

He lies about her father’s DEATH!! He friggin makes her believe her dad is still alive, for six days straight.

However, the reason he cites later, patches up for what he did. He doesn’t like it when she cries or when she’s sad. And he’s terrified he’d lose her, because she tells him she’d kill herself if something happens to her dad. It’s still not justifiable, but the way he explains it, there’s simply no arguing about why he lied, after that.

2. Her dreams and ambition, become yours. 


This, is what I loved the most about this story.

Kadhambari wants to kill a Rowdy – this is her ambition.

When Pandian falls in love with her, it becomes his ambition as well.

Well, there is some push from her side, but he tries until the very end, to execute their plan and to make sure Kadhambari stabs the guy who killed her parents. Even when Kadhambari quits or walks away, he chases her down and convinces her that he will make it happen. Even when their “Masterplan” fails so miserably he promises her that he will ensure that she stabs the villain.

Pandian, is that hero every girl needs in her life. He is full of promising assurances and he will fight  for your dream, a lot more than you would.

3. BGM is very essential.


Okay, here’s an honest confession. I wanted to watch this movie because of Anirudh. And when I finished watching the movie, I realized that there were two heroes in this flick. Vijay Sethupathi AND Anirudh Ravichander. The songs and the background score does it all! The music keeps you glued to the feels and the emotions of the story.

4. Do not talk before the first kiss.


Okay, I am NOT going to comment on this any further because of the fact that it might become a spoiler, but once you watch the movie, you’d know and agree with me that Pandian and Kadhambari could’ve saved a lot of trouble if they had just kept quiet and kissed.

5.Every Great Love Story, Has A Great Villain.


Parthiban is glorious. That’s just the word. He is literally invincible. The way he walks for example, is so casual but yet so terrifying.  There is  an aura of forceful voilence, thunderous rage, ferocious brutality. You might even end up signing up for the Parthiban fan club at the end of this movie. He’s impeccable.

But here’s a plot twist. The real villian of this plot is not Parthiban. The villain or the greatest threat to Pandian and Kadhambari’s relationship is Pandian himself. It’s his limits as a fake rowdy, that brings them trouble.

But he tries, he tries so hard and he doesn’t give up until the very end to defeat his fear, doubt and uncertainty. That’s where a very strong message is conveyed.

Falling in love is easy.

But staying in love, means you expand your limits, battle your fears and strive beyond the measures of your capabilities.

In the end, as the credits roll, you find yourself deciphering the answer to the question the little kid asks in the first scene: “Rowdy Perusa? Police Perusa?”

Well, falling in love proves to be mightier than both of them put together.



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  1. Amma was talking about watching this movie, Bala 🙂 You can totally understand what it’s like to be obligated to sacrifice fully fledged fun when your brother’s in year twelve, right? 😀 So I was ranting to her in exasperation the other day and she was talking about watching Naanum Rowdy Dhaan but was apprehensive because of Vijay Sethupathi. She got alarmed by him after seeing Porambokku (which was awful 😥 ) and was thus reluctant. But after seeing your review, I guess I can push her into INOX now 😀 Hehe. How is Pathu Endrathukulla? Did you see that? Man, I have a whole list of movies to be watched 😦

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