To be honest, I’m trying hard – very hard not to think about this because I know I’ll break down. This post is going to be quite non-coherent and jumbled. I’m just typing out my raw thoughts.

I woke up to my Hindu App, my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook overflowing with news and grievances about Paris.

All I can have now are feelings. Such intense, traumatizing and petrifying feelings.

People are killing other people. I do not know much about behavioral sciences, politics or the other big deep subjects, but I do know this.

Mankind was not created to kill its own.

It’s impossible for me to think of anything except that, and currently – it’s impossible for me to critically analyse what went wrong or debate over why people behave the way they do – all that I can do right now is feel emotions.

I feel sad, terrified, hopeless and angry. I am not thinking – just feeling.

I’m feeling what it must be like to walk into a concert and get blown off, or to lose a friend or family member.

Well, you know what, forget friends and family – I think it’s painful enough to just think about people losing other people.

I’m worried for my friends in Paris – although I do not have any friends in Paris.

Pray for Paris, they say. But I think what we really need right now is a prayer for the entire world.

It can’t be as hard as we imagine it to be – to have a world of love and peace, instead of war and violence. If the world was the way all of us wished it were – this wouldn’t have happened.

We know, all of us know that violence and hatred cannot be answered with violence and hatred. It is senseless to reply to an act of injustice with another act of injustice.

One who has strength and power – needs to realise that strength and power can be used to protect the world rather than to just inflict painful damage to it.

I’m 21 and I used to think I’d have lots of children once I get married, but now – I’m terrified.

I do not think I can risk having a child in this violent, cold-blooded and merciless world. And it’s not just my children that I’m worried about – I’m worried and scared for children all over the world – what kind of memories are we leaving behind for them?

This was initially supposed to be a Children’s Day Post – but with the way the world seems to be working these days – I think we simply need to stop making children.



P.S. I know I have a few followers from Paris. I see Paris blink brightly in my stats map every time I post something new – and I do not know nor have I met my readers from Paris – but right now as I am posting this, I am hoping Paris lights up again in my Stats map. And if you’re reading this, please do drop in a message in the comments section. It would mean a lot to me.

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