Broken Magic.

Broken Magic - Copy

In case you’ve all been wondering where I vanished, let me assure you – I have not been battling writer’s block! In fact, I’ve disappeared because of the exact opposite reason.

Last week, I accidentally made a Kindle Short Story, and I have been quite busy doing promotions for it on Facebook and Twitter, but now that I’ve got some free time, I thought I’d squeeze in  blog post.

Broken Magic is my second Kindle eBook. And as always, I’ve been thrilled with the Kindle Direct Publishing experience.

So, here’s what the story is about.

We’ve all given the disgusting business of falling in love, a lot of thought.

But what happens when you fall out of love? In the beginning,  you find yourself asking, Is it a good thing? Is it bad? Do they feel the same? Am i wasting my time? Will it amount to anything in the end? In three years time, when I’m with someone else will I look back and think “what an idiot?!”?

Meanwhile, no matter what any of the answers are, you’re falling.

This is the story of Aadhi and Nayani – two of the unlikeliest people to have fallen in love. However, the main theme of the plot lies under the most over-rated questions in the history of love stories: Do opposites really attract?

With Aadhi and Nayani, the differences that sounded so classically romantic in the beginning, lead to conflicts and intellectual mismatch.

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It would mean the world to me, if you can drop in a review once you’ve bought and read the book!

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  1. As you know.. I already read the story by now & what i wanna say is.. In every genre in Writing; if its romance, friendship, notes anything.. You are a master in it!! Really proud of you my girl!! 🙂

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