Stress And Me.

I’m just not one of those stay-at-home full time writers/bloggers for two reasons. One, I would be impoverished and two, I do not want to live under my parents’ or future husband’s supports. I want to build a career that would sustain me financially, because God knows how much of a high maintenance I am, and this means I have to work twice as hard to strike that delicate balance between my writing life and my academic life.

Sometimes, I feel good about this choice, but most of the times, it’s just plain exhausting.

I’ve been asked more than once by my curious cousins, and my inquisitive writer buddies, how I handle stress and all the workload.

Well, on the contrary, I actually don’t.

I tried thinking really hard, and I actually do not have an answer to that question at all!

And this is me being completely honest with you. I might look all chilled out and calm on the outside, but on the inside, I’m a mess.

My desk is a mess, I forget to fold my clothes and sort out my wardrobe, and things like healthy eating, walking, essential shopping and breakfasts get pushed down to the bottom of my priority list – occasionally taking a toll on my health. I even keep wondering why I put so much pressure on myself, but that thought quickly fades away when I get hit by an idea for a short story and I start writing like a maniac again.

But wait. I love the choices I’ve made. I love my course as much as I love writing, and I wouldn’t do anything other than write while getting an MBA even if I was paid a million dollars to do it.

(Umm, wait. Who am I kidding? For a million dollars, I’d probably give it a thought 😉 )

So, although I do not have proper suggestions on how to get rid of stress in your life, I think I am in a considerably  decent position to tell you how to thrive under stress.

1.Talk About It. 

Whenever  I’m suffocated by all the pressure, and I know that I’m on the verge of breaking down, I have a couple of trusted contacts that I can spill my emotions and vent my steam off too.

However, be cautious.

Do not talk about this to each and every person in your life – you might come across as a bragging annoying old lady that people will want to run away from.

Also, be careful that your emotions are worth the situation.

Giving a twenty minute rant to someone on why your cat won’t eat her dinner would only end up lowering your standards. (No offense to cat-parents.)

Here’s a little trick. Usually, before a presentation, or a GD or an interview, I turn to people and say, ‘I’m nervous.’  and ALMOST every time, the person right next to me turns around and goes, ‘Really? You? You don’t look nervous at all.’ (Trust me, this happens every single time.) But the good part is, they then tell me that they’re stressed out too, and that calms me down.

I suddenly don’t feel so lonely anymore. I am now more comfortable, knowing that I am around people who are just like me.

2. Focus. 

Try not to think of anything else other than the task at hand. This takes a lot of mind control. There has to be literally nothing other than the story that you’re working on, the presentation you’re preparing for or the exam that you’re about to take.

Worrying about non-productive stuff during a stressed out phase of your life, would only add on to your stress.


Boyfriend didn’t text back? Forget it.

New shoes bugging you? Throw them in the garbage.

Best Friend holding a grudge against you? Do not give two damns about it.

Focus, focus, and focus.

Force your brain into thinking only about what you’re doing now, and what you’re going to do next.

Nothing else.

3. Be Comfortable.  

Warm fuzzy clothes. Hair pulled away from the face. A long deep nap and a hot cup of coffee at a breezy seat by the window always brings out the best of my writing as opposed to me dressed up in a tight formal wear, high heels hurting the hell out of my feel and trying to get a chapter done in a sultry afternoon in my noisy and crammed classroom.

Okay, to be honest, Most of the time, I am stressed out, angry and in a very cranky mood because my shoes are killing me or that I haven’t slept in a while. The best way to thrive under stress is by keeping your body and mind comfortable. Take rest. Wear  comfortable clothes. Get sleep. Listen to music.

Pamper yourself, because we’re all worth it.

4. Water

This is me talking to myself.


Seriously, drinking loads and loads of water when you’re under stress ought to make you feel better. Keep yourself hydrated. It’s not only good, it’s essential.

5. Chocolates. Tea. Books. 

Although the very concept of stress arises when you don’t have time to relax, but I am weird in a way that I make sure I read good books and keep my mind healthy during those tough times. I believe that the mind is everything, and I do not know a way better to calm it down than to read a good classic over a cup of Darjeeling Tea.

There, that’s the five tricks I use to thrive under stress. Although I may not have the answer for getting rid of stress altogether, but as one very stressed out and messed up girl, I can assure you that even with being stressed out and nervous, you can do all everything you wanted to do, with a smile.

Don’t ever let the stress beat you. Do not stop yourself from doing something you love, just because it might stress you out. Go ahead with it, big deal – you might not make the cut, but atleast you would’ve tried!

Having said all that, I’d like to add that getting stressed out isn’t a bad thing! Neither does it make you an inefficient person. I believe it’s never about getting rid of stress. It’s about hiding it better, and gaining some control over it.

In fact, getting stressed out means you CARE a lot about what you are doing, and you don’t want to screw it up!

The moment I stop stressing out something important in my life, is the moment I stop caring.

That is a moment I hope never comes.



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  1. I love this ‘granny’ post Bala…this is so Bala-ish! And so very true too…Infact I surprised myself by accepting that what you wrote were actually essential stuffs that we tend to ignore! Keep ’em coming Granny 😉

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