‘Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication’

How would you feel, when you finally find a word that best describes the kind of lifestyle that you’ve always wanted?

That was it for me when I accidentally stumbled upon minimalism, and I immediately began doing my research – by devouring several articles about this incredible, marvelous and remarkable lifestyle that is filled with boundless opportunities and minimum clutter.

When we hear the word Minimalism, most of us think that it is all about aesthetics – like interior designing, fashion or even in architecture.

A minimalist life, is when you simplify everything. Yes, both literally and even metaphorically.

Minimalism is all about feeling light – having as minimum baggage as possible. And this includes emotional and physical baggage. It’s sad how all of us carry around so much. We’re stuck with all a ton of things, and hardly ever know what we truly yearn for.

Minimalism is more than just de-cluttering and aesthetic appeal.

It’s a life style. And a pretty cool one at that!


The minimalist life is basically a life with less stuff.

Less stress, less discontent, less tension and less clutter. Minimalism presents me with a life with fewer distractions.

It is also a life with more things.

More time, more growth and more productivity.

It narrows down my priorities.

It helps me focus on the things that are genuinely important to me. It helps me put my time and energy into things that I want. To be honest, the minimalist lifestyle is something I really need – with so much going on in my life. It helps me eliminate the things I do not need to focus on, and I simply stop spending energy on it.


For me, the process was gradual. It began with asking myself a few questions like, what do I really want?

What life? What job? What goals?

I wasn’t born a minimalist. Heck – I wasn’t raised one either.

From the endless odd objects and stationary that are flooding my desk or my room, from all the clothing that is snuck into my closet, (anyone in their right sense of mind would not want to see the inside of my back pack either) and the mess of my bookshelves, you could tell I’m a maximalist.

It took me a lot of patience and time to get it all sorted and I’m now focused on what I really want  – thanks to minimalism.

It’s believed that the amount of possessions that you own is directly linked to the stress that you bring into your life. And with minimalism you identify the right stuff.  I’ve been living stress free – and I just love it!

I think more about me and my lifestyle. Anything else that falls out of these two – like the things that the society expects me to do, or the things that I have to do for an obligatory reason or other, the things that are not important to me or my life goals – I decided that I’m not going to be spending energy on such things anymore.

Finding out what I really want helps me focus my energy on that one thing – better.

To me, minimalism is a well-rounded lifestyle. It helps me recognize the ethical, personal, practical, financial and political aspects of my core values.

Being a minimalist doesn’t mean you are stingy with your wealth and emotions.

In fact, minimalism is a way of attaining richness – emotional, financial and spiritual richness by owning less. We’re caught up in a mass mentality that we’re forced to want and consume certain things – and as a management graduate, let me assure you there is nothing wrong with desire or consumption.

It is FORCED consumption and obligatory desires that’re wrong.

And having a minimalist lifestyle helps you by-pass those social and cultural obstacles.

It helps me steer away from the choices that the society or my peers force me to take, and to be conscious what I truly need to achieve my goals, and to be a better person who is at peace. It is about being aware of my needs and making conscious decisions.

Minimalism helps me do something I absolutely love doing : Taking control of my life.



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  1. That’s the dream, Bala! For me, at least! I can’t wait to throw out the baggage stuck in my head. Loosely translated, the baggage is equivalent to unnecessary guilt. Will elaborate on PM, I need your opinions!
    Loved the post! ❤

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