Trust me when I say that life couldn’t get any more chaotic.

Being in a new city has killed my productivity.

May was a complete disaster, but I’m not going to let that happen to June. I grabbed my notebook and a pen, wrote down everything that needs to be fixed this month – no compromises.

I’ve never tried doing short-term goals before, and I cannot think of a better time to start than now.

This is merely an attempt to keep myself motivated and hold accountability for everything that happens henceforth.

1. Editing First Impressions 

This is  my top priority right now.

I’m talking with an editor/agent (She’s an amazing person, btw) and once I fix things, all that’s left is to make sure that the editing process begins as soon as possible – which is by the end of this month.

First Impressions is luckier than my previous two books, because I now have my B-School skills and knowledge to implement, especially with the marketing and the financial planning parts of the process, so I’m hoping things turn out as good as I want them to.

2.Consistent Blogging 

As a part of my Summer Project, I write daily blog posts for an Insurance Aggregator at Chennai. This has been quite an insightful experience so far, because I realized that I can write up to five blog posts a day for them.

And that got me thinking – why not bring in the same commitment and discipline to my personal blog by posting on a daily basis?

3.Establish Routine Lifestyle 

My current daily routine is that I have no routine.

I wake up late, hurry up to work, come back to my PG at eight, and then crash on to my bed.

No big surprise, this has made my productivity go into deep plunge. Not much time to write, not much time to study and not much time for anything!

This month, I want to schedule my daily tasks and make sure that I have a regular morning and night routines.

4.First Draft of Summer with the Elephants 

It’s just a new novel idea that’s been running about in my head for a while – can’t say anything more.

Haven’t started it yet, and I want to finish at least a hundred pages of the first draft before it this month ends.

5.Three Short Stories 

Oh, how I miss writing short stories!!

I think by the end of this year, I should be ready with a second collection of my short stories, and that would mean that I produce at least 3 shorties a month so that by December I have at least 21 short stories that make up a 50k manuscript.

6.Academic Commitments (Exams, research etc.)

I have to finish my summer project report.

I have a ton of exams and courses to apply for. I have to begin collecting material for my fourth trimester that starts by July 13. Because as much as I love my book, I cherish my MBA commitment and I just have one more year left to make the best out of it.

7.Be Healthier. 

I’ve started skipping meals again – lost some weight too.

Mom’s really worried, and I have to make sure that I eat and get healthier this month.

8.Krishna Consciousness – Everyday.

Self Explanatory.

9.Read 5 New Books

I’ve plunged into a very bad habit of reading the same books over and over again – probably because I’m in a new place and am subconsciously trying to bring back familiarity.

I want to make sure that I read five new books out of my comfort zone this month.

10.Make PhD Decisions 

I want to sort out all the mixed feelings I have about this decision, and make sure that I have a list of Universities to apply for, and also develop an action plan to make the necessary preparations.

So, that’s it – that’s my set of ten goals to accomplish for June 2016.

I know it can get a little overwhelming and stressful to have such a long list -but the idea is to accomplish at least half of them. If I get to strike out at least half of them, then – yeaaaaaaaaayyyy I win!

But if I don’t – well, I get to publicly humiliate myself, here on WordPress and on my social networking sites where I’ll be posting a recap of the goals at the end of this month – reviewing everything that I’ve accomplished and missed.

Um, you know what they say – nothing beats public humiliation when it comes to making your plans work.



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