I love make up, and it can get quiet a controversial subject sometimes.

Guys love talking about how makeup is deceiving – which to be honest,  I don’t really understand.

Gentlemen, if you just assumed she was born with a bold matte red lip, naturally purple eyelids and flicked eyeliner and blame her for deceiving you when she takes her make up off,  it’s not a question of deception here, but rather a question of your common sense.

And then there are those chicks – who automatically link girls who love make up to having some deep rooted, low self-esteem issues.

Phrases like, ‘She must be so insecure’ or ‘Oh my God, does she even know who she is?’ or ‘That’s so fake as Eff’ surprisingly come more from girls than than they do from guys.

I frigging love make up and will not apologize or be ashamed of my obsession.

Here are some of the most common stereotypes and misconceptions that I want to clear out regarding make up.

1. FAKE!!

A true make up lover knows that make up isn’t about covering up your flaws or pretending to be someone else.

In fact, it’s the exact opposite.

It’s about having fun with all the colors, getting creative and discovering new looks and styles.

Trust me when I say this – make up is art.

It helps you develop an inherent sense of style, of sophistication and builds a certain unique aura to your personality. Even the Ancient Indian Scriptures list the art of dressing up, and the art of make up as one of the 64 essential arts one needs to master over their lifetime.

You see, my point is this – not everyone who gets their hands on a red lipstick will be able to create a Marilyn Monroe pout, neither will any random person with an Urban Decay Palette be able to create the perfect smokey eye without looking like a Raccoon.

It takes aesthetic intelligence, steady hands and a ton of creative patience to create the look you want.


This, this, this!!

Holly Molly, nothing annoys me more than this!

I’ve been a debator, and have also won several elocution competitions.

Right from when I was little, I’ve been a very confident child. I do not know what stage fright is, and my mother tells me I’m too gutsy for my own good. I am very comfortable with my body, and I absolutely adore my 50kg, five foot and long haired tiny self.

It annoys me to such a great extent, when people tell me, ‘You’re pretty, you don’t need make up, you know?’ or ‘Whose approval do you seek with all this?’

I roll my eyes and just walk away, but what I really want to ask is –  hey why do you carry that 65 thousand rupee phone, or drive in that Jaguar? Why don’t you feel good about yourself and whose approval do you seek with all this pompous display of your wealth? Why do petty things like a gadget or a car define your self worth?

Get my point?


Now shut up while I highlight my brow bones, Jackass.

3. Trying to Impress People 

Every one has an obsession.

I do not collect tens of red lipsticks, and several palettes of eye shadow to impress a person I do not even care one bit about. When I wake up, and get ready – the only question that’s running in my head is – do I feel like going glossy or matte on the lip today?

See, it’s about me – about what I feel like wearing that day which depends on my mood.

Read that line once more.

My mood.


The only reason I do make up is to have fun with all the stuff I bought with my money so that I can rock a look that I saw on youtube or Insta a few days ago.

This is about me – and I get pretty pissed off when people think I do it to impress people.

This confuses me, because if you assumed I do make up in order for people to give me approval, then how would you explain the huge collection of Kajal that I own ranging from Biotique herbal liner to Maybelline Collosal to L’Oreal Kajaal Magique and MAC techno khol kaajal – all in the same shade – BLACK.

Also, hey – if it was for someone else, then why would own I three similar shades of mauve lipstick, in a world that doesn’t even know the difference between shimmer and sheer?

The thing I hate the most about people hating make up, is the fact that it emerges from a place of strong dislike and hatred for femininity. It’s plain gender bias covered up in a sugar coating of self actualization.

We live in a world where we internalize hatred or disapproval for anything feminine and ‘girly.’

We tag tom-boys to be cool. Girls with slightly effeminate traits are branded dumb.

I’ve had bitter experiences with my friends who have tagged me a drama queen – when they hardly ever have any solid evidence of me throwing tantrums in public or crying or getting angry.

I make decent presentations, and I know when and how to stop people from crossing their lines. I have naturally clear skin, and long straight hair. There have been days when I get out of bed, tie my hair into a messy bun and just head to class with nothing but baby-lips on my face.

I’m not always on point – and just because I like make up, you have no right to expect me to be.

I’m also not going to dress up just because many people are coming to the movies with me – and just because I like make up, you have no right expect me to do that either.

I have the right to be lazy, just as much as any other person out there!

When it comes to what I do with my body, I make the final decision.

It’s up to me – this ain’t no democracy, folks.

So can we please stop debating about it?

Being obsessed with make up doesn’t make me shallow. However, judging me quickly for wearing on-point cat eyed liner and the perfectly lined lips, makes you so.

I’m a writer, a blogger and an MBA.

I love reading books – fiction and non-fiction.

I have career ambitions. I am stubborn and resolute. I think deeply, and surprisingly, I’m a reserved person.

I know how to give an interview, and how to talk in a group discussion. I know how to send my point across without raising my voice. I know the art of using words to both hurt and heal people.

I love technology.

I love science. I love literature. I love history.

But I also love my make up. 

And there is nothing you can do or say to make me feel ashamed about it.

Because at the end of the day, make up is more than just powders and lipsticks – it’s about trying new things, and simply having fun.

When guys or girls love gadgets, and are  quite picky about the details, passionate about new releases and behave like members of a cult, strongly defending their brands and franchises – it’s cool, amazing and awe-inspiring.

But if a girl is obsessed with colors, fashion, make up brands and is eager over the new releases of liquid lipsticks from L’Oreal – then she is shallow, fake and so ‘low intellect.’

Well, to hell with your fucking double standards.



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    1. May I come in? 😀 PPD, I second you! ❤
      I generally don't wear make-up, but when I'm in the mood for it, I listen to no one and make sure to bring out the most beautiful avatar I can get out of me, just like Bala darling here ❤ High five! It's all about what WE want, not others! My cousin sisters love make-up even more than me and I love it when we're all in the same room getting ready to go out or for a function, complimenting each other and getting all girly. Make-up was MADE for girls, so what are we supposed to do, let them stay in display in those shops??

  1. I do not love make up. And I will not apologise either. The basic fact is: I am what I am and I love that god-damn me and myself! If I choose to highlight my eye-brows, apply orange eye-shadow, purple lipstick – I shall do so for my own self. If I choose chapped lips and dark circles – that too is for my own self. The problem is when we choose to dress, undress ( 😛 ) for others. Be Bala. Be Sri. Be Priya. Be Deeps. But for God’s sake let us be – OURSELVES!!!

    1. Exactly Sri di! That was spot on. Why should we judge on what one individual does with their body? They are all personal preferences, and do not necessarily link to other aspects of their personality! I love you ❤

  2. This was so you Bala! Aggresive yet rational, I’m sure people will change their self-made theories about make up as soon as they stumble across this article.May all the make-up haters read it one day!

  3. I have been wearing makeup on a regular basis from when I was 29. I never used make up if not for a party until then. I basically started wearing makeup after the birth of my daughter and I needed mask the dark circles and the basic lack of youth. Until then I need it as much as a fish needed a daily bath. Afterwards I took care of tired eyes and oily skin problems but did not stop wearing my makeup.

    There have been people who assume that I must be shallow for I have lipstick on. It amuses me. But I am not here in this world to cure stupidity. I am not that great. But that assumption does not hurt me either. For I AM that great. I mean it is an opinion, not an earthquake.

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