The Not So Secret Life of a Blogger

Only after I started writing this, did I realize that there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ day for those of us who blog. Writers are generally very peculiar creatures. We don’t usually have much human contact, we live our lives online – Social Media is our best friend, no matter how many speculations that rises.

However, I have to write this.  I wouldn’t have bothered with this topic, if not for the recent turn of events.

So, here goes some of my deepest confessions that I normally wouldn’t admit.

Most of us aren’t rich.


If you keep quiet, like really quiet, you’ll be able to hear something.

Yes. Hear that?

Well, that’s the sound of several bubbles bursting out there.

Bloggers aren’t all rich!

I cannot repeat this answer enough times to make people understand how google ad-sense works.

Bottom line – not all of us (and especially not me) are getting paid to blog.

We do it for the love of it. It’s a creative compulsion, to write everyday and to keep up the consistency.

Our lives are a mess.

We suffer from a condition known as ‘Writer’s Brain.’

We think about writing 24/7.

And when we’re not thinking about what to write, we’re checking our newsfeed, reading other people’s posts, or chatting away in blogging groups.

It is like an illness. Trust me.

And we’re normal people with everyday commitments just like you – except that we have one extra thing to do.

90% of the bloggers out there aren’t doing it as a full time job. They have a daytime career, they have family, friends and relationships just like everyone else.

We’re stubborn, overly-ambitious people who aren’t willing to give up one thing for the other, and thus just end up with a ton of stress.

We care about opinions – too much.

Although I can’t speak for every blogger in the history of blogging, I feel pretty confident in saying that we care about you think. Each and every blogger has a story as to how they got started, but I guarantee the readers are why the keep on the grind.

I’ve had very painful writing experiences. With three finished books, and a pile of rejection letters, the one thing that keeps me going, the one thing that stops me from quitting it all is because writing is almost a compulsion for me.

I’m not going to deny any part of it- and I’m going to state the bare, naked truth.

I love the audience that I have. I love the attention.

No sugar coating.

I love getting reviews, and messages about my articles. I love it when some kind stranger from a far corner of the planet drops in a kind comment or a well-wishing message to my Facebook page.

I guess I can speak for the entire blogging community, when I say we adore our readers and genuinely care about their opinions and feedback.

Networking is our key skill 

We love support.

We love connecting with our readers and other writers out there. It’s in fact an innate skill that we sharpen over the years.

Some of my most trusted friends, are the ones I met online. My writing group – the cocktail, is family to me.

Stats Are Our Vice 

We talk about stats, like others talk about their salary.

I check my stats, almost two times every singe day. I love watching the tiny countries on the map and the way they light up in the globe icon. There is perhaps a hint of narcissism to this, but looking at our stats fill us with pride.

We like to pretend that our blog is a kind of secret weapon that we have – bestowing us with the special power to influence people, carve opinions ,and create something that goes on existing.

Newbies and Wannabe-s annoy us.

This is something that happened in my class recently.

At the beginning of the year, there were just a couple of serious bloggers in the class, but now – with the placements approaching, almost every single person has a blog.

It’s become a joke – an easy everyday thing for some people to click a few buttons, add a few flashy words as a tittle, create an attractive design and call themselves ‘blogger’.

I hate to break it, but creating a blog doesn’t make you a blogger. Having consistency, creating a readership and writing consistently, even when you’re tired to write is what’s gonna make you a blogger.

I’m not being cynical – it’s okay and more than welcome when the general standard is raised.

Trouble is when people do it, not because they’re genuinely good at it and want it, but rather to just fit into a clique group.

What happens is that the overall value of that domain is pulled down, and makes the art of writing a common, everyday thing.

It’s simply made unnecessarily tougher for the professionals by a few wannabes.

And as a consistent professional who has been doing this for more than three years now, I’m annoyed and saddened at the same time.

All that I can say is this.

Don’t do it if you want to become rich – you won’t make even peanuts with writing.

Don’t do it because you want to be famous – you won’t be famous if you aren’t gonna write more than the ‘Hello World’ post. Trust me, there are much easier and less painful ways to become famous. Kindly, stop making a fool of yourself.

Do it, because you want to let out all the locked potential in you, in the most hurtful, and exhausting way possible – and yet somehow love all the pain.



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  1. Oh my sweetheart.. Another stunning post.. You wrote everything precisely.. Loved it.. I think you have more to write about this..
    Keep on inspiring me.. You are one of the person who always kicks my writer in a good way.. 🙂

    1. Shreya – first of all, Hugs!
      Second of all, Thank you so much! Means the world to me that something I scribbled out of frustration is striking a cord with you ❤ 🙂

  2. You reflected my heart Bala. Frankly speaking,I do relate with ‘the Newbies and Wannabe-s annoy us.’ statement not because everyone claims to be a writer now but because some of them write so well.They are quite young like Priya, but they are very strong with their pen.I envy the talent they manifest.Then there are bloggers like you, who know how to communicate their opinions to others with greater impact.Hats off to the young talents .I don’t know when you will be manage to hit your 100th blog but for me, you are already a star blogger.
    Keep writing honey.
    Love you ❤

  3. Here’s another earthling from not so far corner of the world uttering few words to you, not just to boost you, but because you deserve a word of appreciation for the beautifully penned words.. Not all have the talent to take up something that is common for everyone and spin it into something powerful.. Kudos and hearty wishes for you.. 🙂

  4. Yes yes & yes for it all! Very articulate & Beautifully penned. Ah well yes. Everyone has a blog today and it does make things difficult. But the show must go on & the crowd will definitely thin as the top of the ladder approaches. Hold on until then 🙂

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