June Goals Recap | What I Did and Did Not Accompolish

Alright folks, it’s judgement time.

I know, it’s been ten days – but I’ve been suffering from Laptop Issues and chronic laziness.

However, with help, motivation and love from the Amazing Priyakshi Sharma, I finally wrote this post.

A month ago, I set myself a list of things to accomplish – called them my June Goals.  (Read it by clicking on the link here.)

June is over.

So, here goes. What I did and didn’t do this month.

 Editing First Impressions


Started the process.

The editor is working on it now, and it should be ready in 2 months.

(I’m really really excited.)

Consistent Blogging

Yes. Done again!

But I’d like to improve the consistency a lot more – perhaps to a daily basis or at least thrice-weekly basis.

Establish Routine Life Style



First Draft of Summer With the Elephants

Fail – but an interesting turn of events!

I did not write this book – all that I did for this idea was a detailed outline and one chapter – left it at that.

However, to my own surprise, I wrote an entirely new book.

A non-fiction!!!

My first ever non-fiction!

I will be revising the book, and will reveal the title, and all updates regarding this book very soon.

Three Short Stories

Done again!

I haven’t really published them anywhere or sent it to anyone – I’m just waiting – until I decide what to do with them.

Academic Commitments

Not much updates here as well.

Be healthier


Big fail.

If anything ever since the goal list has been compiled, I’ve gone much more lethargic on my health and fitness. I sleep late, wake up late, skip breakfast, munch some unhealthy snack for lunch, over dose on coffee and dinner isn’t impressive either.

Definitely not something I’m proud of. I am going to continue working on my fitness.

Krishna Consciousness

I did do this – but at a very minimal level.

I can really improve, but this one goal is completely dependent on another goal – my ability to establish a routine.

And with that, we’ve reached the end of the list.

I’d mentioned that I will be happy if I’m able to accomplish at least half of what’s in the list – well I have done exactly that.

4 out of 8 goals.

I know this isn’t much, but I loved this experience.

Setting goals was a brilliant way to take control of my life – not just brood about things falling apart, but actually take action and do something about it.

And also, like I said earlier – nothing makes you work harder like public humiliation.

Oh, and btw guys, if you love poetry, and authentic writing  that stirs your soul, follow Priyakshi Sharma on Facebook.

She’s truly amazing. Go, on. Click on the link in her name, and you’ll know what I mean.



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