Kindle Publishing Lessons | Marketing Basics

So, you wrote a book.

How the hell do you market it now?

If you are writing your first book, and you are new to this industry – I have to tell you that although everyone of us here want to have the J.K.Rowling exposure, only a few can even make it to a fraction of that.

Also, it doesn’t matter if you’re going to be traditionally published, self published or are opting for a Partnered Publishing mode, you need to be ready to market yourself.

No publisher – either big or small, self-pub contract or a traditional contract will bother investing their PR resources on a newbie. That’s just the cold truth. They’d rather focus on big title names that generate them revenue in millions.

*Cough* cough *Nora Roberts Stephen King * Chetan Bhagat* cough

No matter what publishing option you choose, you need to be realistic to the fact that marketing is just a thing that you’re going to have to do.

And you begin by educating yourself all about it.

Bottom Line.

Initially, I thought I’d be writing about all the marketing techniques that I used for Three Girls And A Crime, but then I realized that if I did do that, this would become a very long post, and I have tried to keep it as short and crisp as possible.

DISCLAIMER: Some of these tips may not apply for all authors and all books – it’s eventually all a learning process and you have to see what works for you and what doesn’t.

However, having said all that, I would like to emphasise on the fact that these are all the bare essentials. You need a few core marketing stunts, and it’s essential that you’re ready to start implementing these right away!

Marketing your self published book – and especially your Kindle book, is all about increasing visibility.

  • Get a website

This is kind of pretty obvious.

Every author needs a website (not a blog, a WEBSITE), where your name and your work stand on their own.

They are really inexpensive these days, and it makes you look professional.

  • Become Active On Social Media

Most writers are introverts, and you probably claim you hate socializing – but let me talk some logic into you?

Social Media hardly qualifies as Socializing.

You’re just typing words on to your phone/laptop – you’re a writer, it’s what you do all the time!!

The most common platforms are Facebook and twitter, but you can’t just set up a fan page and wait for all the likes and following to pour in.

You need to be active, witty and diligent.

Find people who are interested into reading and writing and strike up a conversation with them!

Post about trending topics.

Create content.

Keep them engaged.

Creating a base of audience on social media that’s hooked up to you, takes time – but trust me, the results are worth the efforts.

The more you communicate with people, the more you’ll find your fan-count increase.

I know some of you are thinking, ‘Oh, Bala, but that is so time consuming!’

Well, you know what’s actually time consuming?


But somehow you managed to do that!

So, why can’t you just allocate one hour a day, log into twitter or Facebook and just TALK TO PEOPLE.

I cannot stress enough, as a writer, Social Media is your Friend!!

There’s a whole world of book nerds out there, waiting to meet you.

And tweet you.

You’re just denying them of that moment.

  • Set up a Blog 

You’re a writer.

Blogging should be easy.

Now, the blogging universe is actually massive. There are like a countless number of blogs out there, so it’s pretty hard to stand out. So, when you’re setting up your blog, you’ve got to think pretty carefully.

Ask yourself two questions.

“Why would anyone want to read my blog?” and “How can I make sure that my blog reaches the maximum number of people?”

The answer to Question #2 is found in the sub-heading above

And as for Question #1, Remember, as an author, your blog is NOT your personal diary. It’s a major portal to connecting with your readers.

Are people going to tune into your blog ,if you’re just writing about you, your life and all your opinions?

Probably not. [Cuz, let’s admit it, they don’t even know who the hell you are]

Which is why, it is important to write content that people are interested in.

Here are some ways to get started.

Some authors share their experience of how they started out into the writing industry.

Some write book reviews, and talk about book to movie adaptations. [Like the incredible, incredible Kavya Janani ]

While some others, give advice [Aka, the Awesome Me].

Bottom Line : Find a way to help people, and find a way to make it entertaining.

  • Get Involved in A Writing Community

You cannot stay shriveled in your introvert cocoons for the rest of your life, if you even as much as dream about selling a decent number of copies of your work!

Find a writing community, and connect with them. I have a very close circle of writer-friends who have turned into a second family!

You can always find fellow writers and book nerds on Good Reads, Facebook, Twitter and what not!

Just meet people.


You cannot imagine how immensely helpful it is to have a group of people who understand and can share the pain and struggles of storytelling.

Everyone offers their own strengths and inspiration!



To follow the author on Facebook. Click Here. 

To Follow the author on Twitter, Click Here.

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  1. Most of the successful indie authors seem to indicate that blogging and social media aren’t really all that great in terms of selling books, especially considering how much of a time investment they are. If you enjoy doing those thing, then great! If not, the general advice I’ve seen is that they’re not really worth it.

    For best results, most indie authors advise to discount your first book in a series and advertise it through book promotion sites. ROI is gained through the selling of the subsequent books. Other than that, most say to concentrate on writing more books and building your email list.

    1. The blogging and social media, if you read back, are about creating an audiance – generating content and following.

      And when it comes to sales, I think you’ve got a brilliant point with the discount. Amazon has lots of pricing promotions, that new Indie authors can exploit.

      For bestselling or successful Indie authors, promotions just roll in. This post is targeted more at New-Kindlepreuners, the ones that want people outside of their family and friend circle to know about their book.

      Key word: Visibility.

      (I do have a whole new post about cost and pricing, coming up btw -hope you get to read that soon!)

      The point is – Digital Marketing is taking over the world. And we need to be aware of what that means for creative folk like us.

      We have giants like Rahman and even Taylor swift fighting and raising voice against artists being ripped off thier digital rights, and we have Instagram and Facebook building a ‘Shop’ platform. Digitalisation of marketing and sales, may not interest a few writers and artists, but I think it’s very, very, very important to educate yourself about it – because being aware of where your money comes form (or where it goes) is a critical step towards being a professional.

      And also, I know of quite a few awesome people who leveraged YouTube and Instagram to generate a loyal following and landed big book deals.

      We need to stop looking at Social Media as a Waste-Of-Time platform and acknowledge the intricacies of commerce and value transaction that it holds – waiting for us to tap it all.

      In the end, it’s all about strategizing your time, efforts and being a teeny bit tech-smart. 🙂

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