A Seven Ingredient Recipe to Writing a Book | Kindle Publishing Lessons

“Writing a novel is not as easy as some readers think. Nor is it as ingredient difficult as many writers make it out to be.”

~ John Grisham

I have four finished books, and I am starting my fifth one in a couple of days. So, I thought this would be a great time to share with you guys what’s in my Novel Writing Kit.

These are the things I need at my disposal while writing on a novel, to keep me going.

  • Computer


Well, the first thing on my novel writing kit, is of course, my laptop.

This is pretty obvious because, um – I write on my laptop, so I guess I’m not going to be much use without it.

  • Journals and Pens 


Although I write on a computer, I keep a couple of big, fat notebooks in my bag – that I carry with me all the time. This helps me jot down ideas when I’m out ( and by out I mean when I’m sitting in class), I can write and write and write and write (while pretending to be taking notes)

And also, somedays, I end up having a bad headache or sore burning eyes because I’ve been sitting in front of the computer too much.

On such days, I shut the laptop down, and just sit with my pen and journal with some tea, as I continue the story from where I left it on MS Word.

  • USB Drive 


This is the one thing I would strongly suggest for everyone to have about at their disposal. Keeping a USB or an external hard disk handy is really good for saving your work and backing it up then and there, because TRUST ME, you do not want to loose your words.

You do not want to lose days of hard work. It will be the most distressing thing ever, and will haunt you even when you’re at your death bed.

This is the most important – one of the most important things.

Get a USB drive. Save your work every single day, or every forty minutes, unless you want to end up a sad girl who lost all her work and cannot stop crying.

  • Coffee


The next thing in my Writing Kit is – without any doubt – my favorite of all the things on this list.


Mighty, glorious, caffeine.

Because I don’t get to sleep much when I have writing to do. (And mind you, I still go to college, which means I have to attend classes and write at the same time, I might as well inject several shots of dark coffee straight into my veins.)

  • Chocolates


I cannot stress enough on how essential chocolate is.

You want to make sure you have plenty of candy and chocolates, to keep your sugar level up, and because – hey you are in the process of birthing a book – and you need to pamper yourself.

If there’s anyone who deserves all the bars of chocolates at Mr.Wonka’s factory, it is the struggling novelist.

If you don’t have chocolates while you’re writing a novel, you will die.

  • Phone 


I like to use my phone to have timers and alarms – so that I can do writing sprints, where I write a set word count goal in a given time. I also make sure that during that time when the timer is running, I disconnect the WiFi on all my devices, and focus on the book.

Also, who needs to interact with real life people, when you can create your own characters and play with them, huh? :p

  • Food


I need to deliberately set alarms and make sure that I eat when I’m in my novel writing spree, because – I can’t say this without being embarrassed – I forget to eat when I’m writing.

I still remember when I was writing my first novel, I went for nineteen hours straight without eating anything except several cups of coffee and ended up looking like Dobby the House Elf.

I can be an unrealistic workaholic sometimes, which is why this time – I have set alarms for breakfast, lunch, dinner and regular intake of water.

So, that brings us to the end of my Writing Kit.

I’m really excited with the next manuscript that I’m going to be starting in a few days.

Let me know in the comments, what’s your goody bag filled with.



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    1. Oh, that’s so cool, bae! I’m actually one of those people who don’t listen to music while writing, cuz I find it to be extremely distracting.

      Although I do listen to it while plotting and outlining, or before I begin writing – to set the mood.

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