Now, that’s some crazy number.

Honestly, for this post, I wanted to do something really special, really close to my heart.

I have been on this blog for almost four years now, and I can’t begin to comprehend how I managed to keep this baby going, whilst still handling my Kindle Projects, my novels and the biggest challenge of it all – college.

It’s really tougher than it looks. I cannot believe I have finally hit the One Hundred Posts milestone, but what I cannot believe more is the fact that there are people out there who have actually sat out reading all of the rants about my Ever-So-Crazy-Obsessed-Control-Freak Self in a hundred posts!


You guys, are great.

You made this possible.


Yes, you.

One of the mega realizations that dawned on me at this milestone, is this: Time passes like crazy.

I started this blog just out of the blue one day, three years ago. And ever since then, it has been an amazing journey. This blog has brought everything to me, and it was after this little baby that I started publishing my short stories and began writing and finishing novels. This blog gave me confidence and a ton of courage.

This blog means everything to me, it’s been my source of strength, source of peace and source of inspiration.

Being a writer and writing has completely changed my life. It has totally changed the way I look at things. The way I look at writing in books, the way I look at plot and character development in movies – the way I look at people even!

I have also had some fantastic opportunities throughout the last couple year – because of this blog.

Life has changed too. Since the inception of this blog, I have graduated from my undergraduate course, and I’m now in my masters, only a few baby steps away from the dream career that I want. I’ve grown emotionally. This blog has seen me transition from a Hyper-Excited-Overly-Confident-Nineteen-Year-Old to a Wiser-And-Much-Closer-With-Reality-Twenty-Two-Year-Old.

I know don’t have an insanely huge following on this site (yet) but I have had people here and there reach out to me to say nice things or about how something I had written helped them.

Tons of Facebook messages, emails, tweets! I just love it how I get all these messages – I soak them all in. And I reply to them as soon as possible too.

I’m truly amazed at all the love that pours in when I publish a story or a positive post. And I can assure you that I am absolutely one of those people who is happy if she makes a difference to at least one person. I am delighted to know that I have done just that.

On my 100th post, I really genuinely appreciate all the love and support I have been showered with.


I want to take this opportunity to thank you, my readers and also my friends – my friends who have been there for me, being ever so supportive and cheerful right from 2013, when I first started this blog.

Thank you guys, for sticking with me through everything – you know who you are!

Most bloggers quit easily by the fourth month or so, but here I am, 2016, 1st october, officially hit a hundred posts – and I dedicate this milestone to my mom and dad, who have been ever so supportive of my passion for telling stories.


I have all this confidence and courage to keep going, because of them. My mom is my first reader and my best critic. She enjoys the process of my creativity, even more so than I do.

I dedicate this to them, because I give them both hell lot of a tough time. If there’s anyone who deserves to reap all the benefits of my success, it’s them. Honestly guys, they are both super-awesome.

I am still not able to understand how they still manage to love me.

Every rejection letter from publishers, every writer’s block phase, and every painful novel birthing process stresses me out – and I always end up taking it all out on them.

I’m surprised, and sometimes, I cannot understand how they always encourage me. I mean – I am *reaaalllyy* tough to live with.

I know all my pouty selfies, and happy posts suggest otherwise – but it’s my 100th post, I think you guys deserve a confession in here.

I can be surprisingly ill-tempered and quite easily irritable – even the tiniest of things set me off and ruin my mood.

For example, I hate it when someone disturbs me while I am writing,  and God knows how many times I’ve yelled at them for accidentally doing so.

And I stay up all night. What’s the harm, you ask?

Well you see, the problem is, I’m not just another ambitious writer.  I’m a scaredy cat who is ambitious, so I end up switching on all the lights in the living room, the lights in the kitchen and the lights in the front gate – literally my home looks like freaking Diwali every night I’m up.

I set alarms at unlikely hours – I mean, even as crazy as 3AM – waking up and annoying the whole house.

I consume a lot of coffee – which also means I let a lot of milk spill over while it’s steaming.

God forbid, I get hungry at the middle of the night when I’m up writing – I make a mess of the kitchen and accidentally drop plates and pans.

Well, you get the idea here.

I’m nothing more than an annoying arse.

To be honest. If I had a child like me, I would’ve tied her to a leash and locked her in a cage.

I don’t even think I’d be half as much committed to a proud, entitled, cranky, arrogant little thing like me as they are.

I’d be completely lost without Hema and Muruganantham.

I love you both so much, and I am so sorry I am such an annoying jerk. I’m sorry I yell. I’m sorry  I hurt you. But I hope you understand that writing means more to me than anything else in my life, and I get majorly disappointed when I don’t get my way with it. I just want it so badly, God knows I work hard. Sometimes, the odds that are set against me in this industry breaks my spirit, and I am sorry I take it out on you. It’s hard. It’s really hard waking up everyday, with a reality check slapping straight into my face, but I manage to swim through. But it’s just that I have no one else to ask help from or expect to deal with me.

And don’t you worry about me. I’m not losing my mind. I’ve really got it together, you’ve taught me well to be compassionate and thankful. Yes, I lose it sometimes – but hey you know I always dust my knees and get right back up. I want to thank you for giving me this fighting spirit – it’s the best gift you’ve given me.

Look, I made it through a hundred posts even under such harsh hectic schedule and other commitments. I hope this is message enough to keep you at peace – your little girl might fight and throw tantrums when things don’t go her way – but you know what? Once she has her one good cry, she’ll be right back up.

To her, Resurrection is a habit.

So don’t you worry. No matter how much you see me go crazy, don’t you worry. I’m your daughter after all. I won’t give up.

Every night, I miss you all the way to the moon and back, and I will make you really proud one day – I promise.




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  1. This is such a heartfelt blog post. I can feel how happy and satisfied you are while writing this. It makws me happy too, you know it. Stay happy. Keep writing. Keep brighting , you know what I mean 😉

    “If I had a child like me, I would’ve tied her to a leash and locked her in a cage.” – This was funny, by the way. 😛

    1. Hahaha, I know, TJ 🙂 I can’t wait to catch up with you! SOooooo much to talk about! And I’ve always been inspired by how you have a brilliant career, and at the same time you managed to write more than 100 posts in less than two months of your blog’s inception! You always have, and will continue to be my idol 🙂

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