Speak Love

Happy New Year, everyone!!

It’s 2017, and this year, somewhere around December, this blog will turn 5 years old.

In all these years, I’ve managed to be acquainted with a collective community of writers, bloggers and book nerds who are always full of love, affection and support. This little corner of the internet has been my safe space.

Bad day? People on my blog and my Facebook page will motivate me and brighten me up.

Good day? The same lot will cheer and celebrate with me.

I have made so many wonderful friends, and I am so incredibly proud of being a part of this. These people are so kind, so loving and all so incredibly amazing. I couldn’t have picked a better role model and community, even if I tried. I love you all so much.

Sometimes, I have mutual friends, and when I introduce my friends back in home or college to my Blogging buddies, they always come back to  me, and tell me that these people are the kindest and the most supportive on the Internet.

The Facebook part of this community, and the messages that I receive on my page, still continues to astound me, with the amount of love, kindness, support and compassion that everyone shows each other – even when they don’t know each other!

I think one of the main reasons for this, is that I haven’t had much of viral content (save, one – the OK Kanmani review) every follower I have in here or on my page were all organically acquired.

Which means, the majority of the people I have on my list on Facebook, or in here – have discovered me and my blog via reading a bunch of my posts, or my short stories for quite some time and then consciously making the decision to click the follow or like button or to buy my book on Kindle and write to me about it.

This audience and this great bunch of friends that I have collectively acquired over the past few years – is so damn special and I feel that I have a responsibility to keep  them safe.  So, my Blogging Resolution for 2017 would be that I will not allow mean, inconsiderate, abusive and disrespectful people either in the comments section here or on my Facebook page, just because they might think I’m taking away their freedom of speech.


I find this to be more and more trending these days, especially on Facebook – passing off nasty, abusive and sexist comments as a right to freedom of expression.

Well, guess what?


Freedom of Speech does NOT mean you get to be an entitled imbecile.

You are more than welcome – I even encourage you to leave negative, critical, disagreeing, opposing opinions, or even start a discussion on all my public posts on Facebook or on my page. But just remember two things:

  1. Don’t expect people to not reply to you. If you’re going to write something on a public forum, people are going to reply, and they are going to start a discussion. So, if you just want to spill all your ‘opinions’ into an empty void, and have no one talk back – I suggest you invest in a good diary. They don’t talk back.
  2. If you’re going to disagree with someone, or leave a negative comment, if you know that what you’re going to say could be controversial – all I ask is you write that comment with as much kindness and love and respect and consideration for everyone else’s feelings.

Anything else at all that is either abusive to one of my readers or my fellow friends, I will not second guess to remove that comment. Because let me say this out and clear:

The amount of followers and reads I have on this page or on my Facebook page DOES NOT OUTWEIGH the safety of this community and everyone involved with it.  

Some people might actually call this censorship.

But allow me to explain how I see this.

I see all my social forums like they’re collectively my house.

The door is always open, my friends are all welcome to come and go as they please (i.e, the reads and visits), they can sit down and listen to me for a little while (i.e, read my content), they can chat and start a discussion among themselves (i.e, leave comments).

But if someone was to come into my house, and starts making others uncomfortable and disrespected, I don’t think anyone would be opposed to me kicking them out of my house.

This page is all about love, and keeping things real. We’re all about support, respect and friendship.

I love the idea of having more people join this merry lot, and more people bringing in their ideas and opinions, and starting discussions.

However, having said all that – this page or any of my Social Forums are NEVER about how many reads I can get, or how many email subscribers I can get or how many followers and likes I have.

It’s always just been about us. What we like, how we support each other. And how we can spread as much love and goodness around.

I’d rather have a smaller audience full of dedicated, loving and truly affectionate people than 2 million inconsiderate jerks who don’t give a crap.

We only speak Love here, and here’s to an amazing 2017.



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