Reading Slumps | And How You Can Overcome Them

It’s high time I write a post about the ways that have helped me over the years to include reading into my schedule.

However, before I begin, I’d like to make a few things clear.

Reading is a very personal activity, and there are several factors that go into determining how fast or how much a person can read.

So, this IS NOT a post that’ll help you improve your reading speed [All you CAT, GRE and TOEFL aspirant folks, sorry, you’re on the wrong page!] and I personally believe that comparing one reader with another… just blatantly pointless.

So, here’s five tips that’ll help you read more, and how you can overcome those reading slumps that just come out of nowhere and you just don’t feel like reading at all.

  1. Carry a Book with you all the time.


I’m not exaggerating when I say that I feel insecure when I don’t have a book in my bag.


Apart from being a quick hack to getting more reading done, have you noticed that having a book with you all the time comes in handy when you want to escape certain awkward social situations?

Carrying a book with you is the easiest way to overcome a reading slump.

And trust me – you have no idea how many opportunities there will be in a day for you to read!

Coffee breaks. Lunch Breaks. Waiting for a class to begin. It’s just an endless list of opportunities.

Lunch Breaks. Waiting for a class to begin. It’s just an endless list of opportunities.

Waiting for a class to begin. It’s just an endless list of opportunities.

Commuting Time. It’s just an endless list of opportunities.

Waiting for an appointment at the bank or the hospital.

Boring Presentations.

It’s just an endless list of opportunities.

So, keep a book with you – at all times!!

When I’m in college, I always have a physical book in my backpack. Sometimes even two. But other times, I have all my classics and my favorites loaded up in my Kindle App on my phone that I use when I’m out with friends, or if I have to travel light somewhere.

So, if you have enough space to carry a physical book with you all the time – do that.

If you don’t, then you still have a ton of options. You don’t necessarily have to invest in an eBook reader (although that is recommended and is so damn awesome), you can always download an eBook app on your phone! Kindle has a free app, and once you sign into it, all your books are available on all synced devices.

And occasionally, you get notifications for some really good deals, offers and sales – you’ll feel pampered.

But if you’re a hardcore bookworm, I’d suggest – invest in a Kindle reader.

2. Audio Books 


Yes, yes, yes.

I know audio books can be a little expensive.

But I have severe travel sickness. I cannot read in a moving vehicle, hell – I can’t even read when I’m walking. I get all sick, dizzy and nauseated. I don’t even text people when I’m commuting. It’s a very, very annoying condition of travel sickness and that’s why for people like me, audio books are such a blessing.

I absolutely love listening to audio-books.

Added perk, they’re so great for multi-tasking. When you’re driving, walking, doing chores, audiobooks are a great way to not only take your mind off the mundane routine of things, but also helps you keep your hands free.

You can snack or drink, without fearing to accidentally ruin your book or device.

I’m a huge fan of audio books – and I think they’re so damn underrated.

3. Prioritization  


So this one calls in for a lot of mental strength.

You need to make a conscious decision to read, instead of – say, watching sitcoms or playing video games.

For me, this comes quite easily because I’m naturally a very indoor person. And when I’m writing a book, I deliberately cut out all other forms of entertainment and socializing until I get my book done.

So, during those days – reading is the only form of entertainment that I allow myself to have.

Also, reading classics when I’m writing manages to keep me inspired.

However, you don’t have to work at such an extreme and you don’t have to completely stop doing everything else that you enjoy, but if you do keep spending a lot of time on these activities and you still want to get some reading done, you’re eventually going to have to sacrifice some of that time, and dedicate it to reading.

4. Schedule 


Make a daily routine.

List out your everyday activities and find out when you can allot time for reading.

This could be the firs thing that you do in the morning once you wake up or maybe when you’re commuting to work, or an hour before bed – making a time slot for reading in your daily schedule makes a huge difference.

5. Battling Reading Slumps


Now, this tip is for the book nerds who are usually avid readers – but then, they’ve been stuck in a rut for a while. They simply can’t get past a few pages and no matter how many times they re-attempt it, it just doesn’t feel interesting anymore.

Well, in case you are in such a slump, then the first thing you need to do is to take a break. Stop reading. And most of the cases it’s probably because you’ve picked a book that’s not right for you at the moment, and it’s better that you cast it off. And give yourself some breathing space.

After a while, try testing the waters by gazing at bookshops or reading samples online, and see if anything jumps out of you with any of them. It’s important that you choose short, easy and fast paced books at this stage.

You don’t want to try and reading anything too thick or too intense or heavy at this point.

Try re-reading a favorite book.

Or go to Instagram or tumblr and seek inspiration. Remember, that the internet is full of book nerds who will shower you with lists and suggestions and they’re all just a click or a tweet away.

Another great way to get out of a reading slump is to try different formats of books. If you’re reading lots of physical books, invest in a Kindle and just the excitement of a new gadget might help you read a couple of books and gloriously step out of your slump!

And in case I haven’t mentioned it enough times….Audio books are great to help you step out of a slump.

Happy reading, Folks.



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  1. Love this post, babe!! ❤ I don't have the Kindle App but everywhere I go, I have a book packed right in my bag, even if it is a tight fit XD Currently, Jane Austen books are accompanying me wherever I go 😀 ❤ I've tried audio books before but I've found that I don't like them. Not that the audio is bad or anything, but when I read a story, I like doing it in my own voice alone XD But I do love the audio version of the Horrid Henry books Miranda Richardson reads. It's a children's book, agreed, but man, she absolutely rocks! I never get tired of listening to her read Horrid Henry XD Still!

  2. P.S. Have you heard Matthew Macfadyen read the classic scene from Pride and Prejudice when Darcy proposes for the first time and Elizabeth spurns him with all the anger she’d bottled up against him? *melting* ❤

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