♥️ You Are Important ♥️

I’m conscious.

Life’s been handling me a lot of challenges lately, and I’ve been feeling them from a pretty intense place.
I can’t help but feel every tiny detail with excruciating awareness.

I’m conscious.
I’m awfully conscious of every tiny pebble and every rock that hits me breaks me.

People keep telling me to be not so sensitive, they ask me to learn how to keep a safe distant from my feelings, but I can’t.

I’m a feeler.
I always have been.
I emote.
And I emote very impulsively.
Very instantaneously.

Emoting is my way of responding to life.

I am aware of the fact that every time I break down, it makes the people around me concerned. It makes them uncomfortable.

I feel everything.

I’d call it my curse if it were not for the fact that this ability to feel in such intricate detail every high and every low of my life has been the magic gift that’s aided my writing.

It’s been a big week, and it’s gotten me.

I woke up exhausted and tired.
All burnt out.

To be honest, I don’t remember the last time I bothered to have breakfast. I’ve had trouble eating. I go to bed at 4 AM, not because I’m on the phone with a friend, or that I’m texting someone – but because I am unable to balance my four hundred page book, and my academic commitments. I write and write and write, but then a thought – ‘All this, for what?’, and I just freeze, paralyzed with the thought of a tomorrow.

Last night, I literally had a friend look at me – I was having a bad cold, hollowed out cheeks, puffy eyes – and say, ‘Change your lifestyle, babe. This is killing you.’

I took some medicines and went to sleep.

I dreamt about my brother. I dreamt about my Dad. I dreamt about my Mom.

And everything that they’ve taught me. Everything that they have showered me with.

When I woke up, I woke up with these beautiful pile of words echoing and filling my head with a kind of light I haven’t known for a while now.


This is probably my mother’s most favorite quote. I’m not sure about it, maybe it’s something else – but as far as I’ve noticed, this is the one that she’s always told me and Sibi.

The power of words blows my mind.

It’s incredible, how even a fragment of wisdom from your childhood, can turn things around.

I’ve come to terms with everything now. Life may not be all that I imagined it would be like – hell, it might even be an outright fudging mess, but that doesn’t change who I am at the very core of my spirit.

I’m a Dreamer. A Fighter. A Feeler. A Believer.

And nothing on Earth is ever going to take me away from me.

This has turned out to be quite a long post, but the reason I decided to post this anyway, is because sometimes, as the Instagram Generation that likes to pretend we’re all having the time of our lives – we need to occasionally acknowledge the fact that not everyone’s gifted with being so calm and laid back.

We’ll all have our moments of insanity.
Moments of repellent obsession over something we want, but simply can’t get.

For me, that’s how it’s been for the past four years, as I’ve been pushing and pushing and pushing myself with my writing career, that I’ve completely forgotten how to take care of myself.

So this post goes out to all boys and girls, who are ridden sick with your dreams. The ones restless with the burden of passion.

And I know that with the board exams results and the million entrances around the corner, the maniac in you will be unleashed.

You’ll surprise yourself with moments of meltdowns.

I want you to take a step back, and remember that you are important. You are worthy. You are important.

I know the pressure is real. I know it’s important to be successful, but I also want you to believe that it’s equally important to be healthy, hydrated and at peace.


Don’t let anything or anyone succeed in making you believe otherwise.



P.S. This post is dedicated to Gautami ❤ 🙂 For being so supportive and ever so loving!

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  1. Take a deep breath now. Breathe. Do it again. Now look at the huge, lush green field in front of you. It’s a field, babe, not a forest where you’ll get lost. And that’s exactly what life is ❤ Run, skip, laugh, breathe, dance – Because you are fully capable of doing it and have all the time in the world to do so ❤

  2. Well Ok. I am not going to point out the obvious that changes are needed. I am just saying what I do in similar situations and I personally see no reason why this should not work for you.

    1) Quit Coffee and switch to Horlicks or something similar.

    2) Buy a neat cute notebook with glitter trimmings and start writing 25 songs that you love singing. Google the lyrics and sing it quietly to yourself and write it down if you sound reasonably good singing it. My suggestion would be
    a. Five Devotional or Barathiyar songs
    b. Five Illayaraja/Chitra combos
    c. Five Visu-Ramu/Kannadasan combos
    d. Five ARR/Vairamuthu combos
    e. Five Mordern stuff that you can’t get out of your head

    3) Buy neat colored pens that nobody is allowed to touch and make cute flower pics all around the songs.

    4) Sing them. (Not all songs on the same day)

    4) Write cute motivational quotes inbetween songs. Use stencils if you need to but mostly try to do it on your own.

    5) Use the same note as a journal.

    6) Buy a jump rope and skip everyday. 100.

    7) Do 3 sets of 10 Burpees. Google “Burpees” if you don’t know how to do this. Burpees are exhausting, but you can remind yourself that you are 23 if you think it would help.

    8) Spend atleast 1 hour per day with this notebook and in the absence of social media. Don’t talk to people during this time. Use the same time everyday.

    9) Type the Journal parts of notebook and post it as a blog post in 2 months time.

    10) Your book will wait. It is not a puppy and can’t die. Duh.

    1. That was so beautiful. It lights up my heart. Thank you so much for this, Rahini! P.S. My mom always tells me the music therapy thing. She is a strong believer that good carnatic devotional songs can heal anyone. And also, I’m a huge stationery hoarder already, I now have a reason to buy more, lol. ❤

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